Save the Date cards...Wedding !!

Ok so do you follow my blog? 
If so you may of read a while ago that Mr.H & I have decided to get around to actually having our Blessing done in our Church! 
So this will become my new mission. 
Its our wedding anniversary this weekend so we only have a year to plan our wedding renewal! 
Time really DOES FLY! 
We are off to Cornwall for the weekend (Children too) I know I know I need to break away from Hugo I will I will... Next month I promise...

It's a good job I work in & around Event planning isn't it! 
If you don't follow my blog you may want to catch up HERE I spoke about our small, intimate & perfect day. 
Now our family is complete with Emilyn & Hugo, We now want to Celebrate our wedding by redoing the whole day Bigger & Better without the stress. 
Because lets face it. I'm already married this is pretty much just a big party. 
& buying a new dress. 
But a BIG party I can handle.* I think*
Shall we talk 'Save the Date cards?'

How many designs? 
How gorgeous are SO MANY OF THEM?

Here's a 'shortlist' of a few I love - Personalised with our wedding day photos.

I want to keep it simple. 
But I want it to be me. 
I'm a girly girl. But I don't do smushy lovey dovey cutesy cutsey yucky yucky.
I do, do however Sweets, Candy, Pretty, Vintage & Retro.

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