Speech Therapy Week two was Interesting : Emilyn

Today is Wednesday 5th March we had our second week of Speech Therapy.
It was ermm interesting. 
Emilyn decided to get completely HYPER! 
Oh my goodness how embarrassing she was rolling all over the floor laughing ?
The worst thing was she hadn't even had any sugar? 
what was going on? 
Thankfully the speech therapist must of been 'used' to children acting up as she got this little pirate game out to help calm her down... basically if Emilyn done good listening & good speaking she was allowed to pick a sword & put the sword in the pirates barrel & if he was to pop out she would have to repeat her words three times. 
It worked at calming her down thank goodness.
I think she was showing off as there was a trainee speech therapist watching us in todays session...

She turned in to such a giggle pot... 
We got homework again today - we will spend the week trying to correctly say the 'F' & 'D' sounds... Then adding all the other sounds on the cards...

This whole speech business is hard work... 
She can say words when she talks slowly 
& when she really thinks about it.
When she talks like normal all the hard work we have been doing in speech therapy goes out the window.

In Speech therapy

Walking out of the hospital

We ended the day at our local park to let off some of that hyper 'ness...

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