Squats to improve Boots and Bar wearing? Talipes foot appointment 20 march 2014

On our way to hospital at 7:30am 
As the title suggests exactly this - Our physio appointment went well, They are happy Hugo is tolerating his Dobbs bar that extra bit more.
They've suggested we do some exersizing yes thats right squats 10 each night before boots and bar, This is to help stretch his tendons, His heels still haven't dropped either - confusing I know for those of you this means his heels are just squidgy like hollow feet no bone nothing. Hopefully his heel will drop soon.

Hugo waiting to see his doctor
Each night we will do our squats, a bit of dancing then I'll massage his feet hopefully this will get him in to his boots and bar easier.

We will be back in three months to see progress.

Hugo showing off his little green Hunters 
Of course to finish I popped in to a well known coffee shop... well it is at the exit of the Hospital.

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