They slept all night

And.... In their OWN BEDS! 
This is unheard of for both of them, since Christmas & the power cut the house alarm going off & us not able to stop it then the crazy flooding. The children Emilyn mostly has been scared about sleeping in her bedroom. Hugo has been his normal self crying all night wanting his boots and bar off. However last night they did manage to sleep all night & stayed in their own beds. Huge achievement Emilyn was so proud of herself, I heard her over the monitor wake up & say "mummy mummy mummy I slept in my own bed all night!" She was so happy! 

Hugo didn't want to go to bed last night he was kicking up a fuss about his boots and bar being on too- he managed to sit up with me till 8:30pm good job Mr .H was at work... Every now & then Hugo would cry about having his bar on asking pleading me to take it off. 

We eventually calmed him down & got him into bed once Daddy got home. 
I feel one step closer to getting back to normal. It was the most amazing feeling waking up & it being light outside with no interruptions in the night! 
Fingers crossed it wasn't a one off...

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