Wedding Anniversary Meal

Just the two of us what a rarity! 
We managed to win yes WIN a raffle at Emilyn's pre-school Christmas nativity for a meal for two at our local Hotel/Restaurant It just so happened that we are thinking of holding our Wedding renewal reception there! 
Just how perfect is that.
Going out just the two of us, is the most bizarre thing; How do we have a conversation that doesn't go back to talking about the children? 
I crave 'me time' so much but crave couple time even more, 
You see; I see Mr.H every day, every morning we wake up with Hugo in our bed after a god awful night of no sleep, Emilyn has slept on our floor we then zombie like walk into the kitchen make breakfast whilst trying not to spill milk all over the floor, or put washing up tablets in the fridge... you get the gist I'm sure. 
Then Mr.H goes off to work & I see him around 8:30pm when he returns. 
I usually have a Hugo on my lap kicking & screaming we may have a cup of tea together then bed to try & get some much needed sleep. 
then the following day is pretty much the same. 
You must of watched Groundhog day. Yep that's my life. 
I then get to see Mr.H once a fortnight on the weekend, but again we are so busy with life we barely get five minutes to talk 

So when we have a whole evening to talk it was crucial I didn't spend the whole time talking about our children! 
Obviously typically we get seated right next to a family who have their child with them, must of been around 5 years old. I had to laugh. I escape my hyper children to sit next to someone else's hyper child. 
Apart from that the meal was perfect. Delicious in fact, 
I treated myself to a glass of wine throughly enjoyed it I may add. 
Then we shared a desert the most amazing chocolate tart in the world!! 
I totally should of taken a picture of it should I? that whole 'food porn' time thing? I'm slacking I know. 

Well tomorrow morning we are off to Cornwall/Plymouth for a long weekend. (With the Children) No escaping the babies!! - No complaints from me so looking forwards to having a family break away. 
Blog will be quiet for the weekend :* 
I broke my screen on my iPhone so it will be going for repair whilst I'm away. So I'm having a real break from the whole cyber world. Eeeek! It will do me good, 
I'll be all refreshed when I'm back.


  1. It's nice to hear you and your husband had a bit of time to yourselves, it's definitely always needed, especially if your life feels like Groundhog Day, must be so tiring. I hope you have a good weekend away in my home county, Cornwall! Very jealous, I'd love to be down there away from uni whilst the weather's improving :) Maybe a cyber break will be refreshing too! Nice to put the gadgets away sometimes :)


    1. thank you - oh my the weekend has been amazing, the weather has been beautiful. & i've enjoyed not having any gadgets i'm scared to turn my phone back on! x



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