A new Wedding Dress for the occasion ?

Last year in 2013 I shared the news that Mr H & I were going to renew our vows although it's more of a blessing & celebration of our marriage you can take a look HERE

Well time is flying by & its now the end of April - Seriously? Time is ticking.
I've been thinking about my dress. I recently came across some of the most amazing wedding couture designers (Totally out of my price range but hey I girl can dream) Champagne taste on a Sparkling wine budget haha -

LOVE trying on dresses - 

So here are a few of my favourites & favourite designers :

Maggie Sottero
Maggie Sottero 

Terry Fox - Oh my goodness these dresses blow me away 

Terry Fox

Terry Fox 

Ian Stuart - The Flowerbomb dress is beautiful 

Ian Stuart Flower bomb wedding dress

Ian Stuart Flower bomb wedding dress

I'm really getting into this whole organising a wedding thing - You can follow my Pinterest HERE

Sticky9 Magnets Instagram Pictures Review

my Sticky9 magnets
I was recently contacted by the lovely guys from Sticky9 they asked if I'd like to do a Giveaway & order a set myself for review. 
Of course being a huge fan of Instagram I've got over 2,600 photos on there & taking photos I jumped at the chance.

It's so easy to order them as well & quite fun - I went for a mix of the bluebell photos of the children, Bluebells instantly cheer me up. 

Pop over to Sticky9 & I'll talk you through it - 

Link up your Instagram to Sticky9   

Once it's linked up you'll be able to see all of your photos from Instagram.  

Click the ones you want then add to basket.

Standard shipping is FREE 

Sticky9 have 15% off Everything
Ends: Midnight Apr 30

Normal price is £9.99 for a medium & £12.99 for large

You can then pay with Card/Paypal/gift voucher Perfect payment options 

The Delivery was good & once they arrived I loved them 

The quality is amazing the colours 100% match my Instagram photos

The magnets are very magnetic

I think these are perfect presents or a treat for yourself

They've arrived!!  Sticky9
Hugo loved looking at them & moving them to rearrange them

Magnets on the radiator 

Magnets on the extractor fan 

More on another radiator 

I will definitely be ordering more in the future - its a fantastic idea. 

Would you like to create yours? 
Go to Sticky9.com

Keep Snap Happy - 
Helping you remember the memories you've created 

*Disclaimer - I was sent these for free for the purpose of the review - all thoughts & opinions are 100% my own

In Search of Sustainable School Uniform

Emilyn starts school this September. As the time is getting closer I've been panicking about her uniform, how much will it cost? where will I get it from? what will it be made out of?
Seeing as she will be wearing it for 5 days out of 7 & usually at home she is wearing Organic clothes such as Ava & Luc, Oh baby london, Nosh organics, Maxomorra & so on...

So when I stumbled upon Emma Waights blog about Sustainable School Uniform I was ecstatic,

A few weeks ago Emma was in the FAIR shop, Brighton, chatting to owner Siobhan about the perils of kid’s school uniforms. Manufactured in their masses and worn five days a week by children in the UK they are a significant part of the clothes economy. Parents also have little control over what they must buy as most schools have designated suppliers, and certainly regulations on colour and style. Most suppliers focus on price and practicality, resulting in cheap synthetic materials which might wash well but could be uncomfortable and unhealthy to wear, and manufactured with little ethical regard for people and planet.

Just days after this chat Emma heard from Ecooutfitters, the first independent school uniform brand. Ecooutfitters school uniforms are made of ethically sourced, 100% organic cotton certified by the Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS), ensuring that production meets rigorous environmental and social standards. Thus an Ecooutfitter uniform cares for every individual in the chain not least the children that wear them. The entrepreneurs behind the brand, Marina and Irina, are both mothers themselves and were inspired by the desire to dress their young boys in natural, healthy fibres every single day, not just at the weekends. They said ““When you consider that our children are forced to wear these harmful fabrics for some 36.5 hours a week, running around all day, getting hot, sweaty and agitated, at a vital stage of their development, we knew something had to be done and Ecooutfitters was born.”

For more information, to buy or to nominate your school to offer the Ecooutfitters uniform, go to www.ecooutfitters.co.uk

The British Skin Foundation has reported a dramatic rise in the number of children in the UK suffering from irritable skin conditions, with at least 10% of children suspected to suffer from eczema during their childhood. Hugo suffers badly with eczema & shopping for organic clothes has made a huge difference. Our favourite store is KyNaBoutique
Many items of children’s clothing is Teflon coated to repel stains but such chemicals can irritate delicate skin and detrimental long term effects on health aren’t really known. Whilst Marina and Irina were motivated by the desire to banish such chemicals from their children’s wardrobes, they quickly learnt about the hugely devastating effects of the non-organic cotton industry on the communities and the environment around the world.

Production of a single cotton T-shirt requires a third of a pound of dangerously toxic pesticides, the effects of which result in 77 million cases of poisoning recorded every year, 20,000 of which result in death. These revelations put ethical production at the heart of the Ecooutfitters mission and since organic cotton doesn’t use dangerous pesticides, protecting farmers’ lives and the environment, it became an obvious choice. “Our uniforms are not only healthier, comfortable and ethical, but competitively priced, durable and practical, disproving the widely held belief that cotton uniform cannot withstand the playground test.”
For more information, to buy or to nominate your school to offer the Ecooutfitters uniform, go to www.ecooutfitters.co.uk
In Search of Sustainable School Uniform
For more information on the concerns about chemicals found in children’s wear, take a look at Greenpeace’s Little Monster campaign & Greenpeace Little Monsters Detox

Possible Relapse ? Clubfoot Talipes

I've been quiet for a while regarding talking talipes related posts- I found a new crease on Hugo's right foot. I'm not a medical professional so I have no idea if his foot is relapsing, But it has totally thrown me into shock. 
I first noticed it last week & it made me feel sick to my stomach just thinking what if? 
Relapse Clubfoot Talipes 
I changed his dobbs bar straight away back to his ponseti non moveable one (Again I'm no medical expert but I have heard stories about the dobbs bar causing more chance of relapse.) 
I then kind of huddled myself into a bubble of me & my little family. 
I think sometimes when I tell people about Hugo being born with talipes no one really understands the full extent of it. I mean if he wasn't having treatment he wouldn't be walking today. 
If his right foot is relapsing I honestly have no idea what will happen next?
His left foot is still a bit over corrected & hyper mobile (I've been told that it will have a much lower chance of relapse) his left foot still looks ok. 

I just thought i would update you on Hugo's feet (& myself for future reference)
The pictures show the new crease thats appeared - 

On a plus side we have made a huge breakthrough with Hugo keeping his boots and bar on *fingers crossed it wasn't a one off...

What a Revelation - Managed to keep his Boots on all night long Talipes / Clubfoot

Boots and bar talipes clubfoot
We've had a breakthrough! An amazing breakthrough... Hugo seems to be coping a little bit better with his boots and bar. 
Last night we did have a little aggro getting them on him however once they were on he didn't fight them! *Happy Face!*
Once he had been to sleep a little while (He's poorly at the moment) So not sleeping at all....
He woke up telling me his legs hurt & he wanted "bar off mummy" 
Here we go again.
I thought no I need to stop giving in. 
We've had a relapse scare with his feet - Got an appointment coming up. 
You can see in the below pictures...

Anyways on a positive note : So Hugo started crying - obviously not positive .... asking for his Boots and bar off ... I instead of just giving in thought gosh I'm going to have to toughen up. 
I decided to massage his legs & calm him down & amazingly IT WORKED he settled down & nodded off to sleep we managed to keep his boots on for the rest of the night. 
So proud of him. 
His right foot has really scarred me, when I noticed the crease I felt sick to the pitt of my stomach. 
I've told our Physio so will wait & see what happens at our next appointment. 
I've taken the DOBBS bar off him & changed him back to his ponseti bar. 
You can see how happy & cheeky Hugo is wearing his boots and bar HERE

Talipes Boots and bar 

Silhouette Cameo Portrait Hand Made

Silhouette Cameo Portrait Hand Made

A very talented friend of mine has started selling these beautiful hand made (By her) Silhouettes. 

You can find them on eBay -  A 7x5 personalised silhouette portrait, hand cut from high quality card & mounted on a cream
 background & ivory mount.

Simply email a head & shoulders photo taken against a light background which clearly shows 
the person's features.
If they have long hair then tie this up in one of their recognised styles as this will show off their
features even more. And if they are known for their scruffy hair then don't tidy 
them up!

Once your order is taken it should take up to 10 days to receive it for UK & around 14 days for U.S.

Silhouette Cameo Portrait Hand Made

You can find them on Etsy.com/shop/Silhouart too !! 
Perfect gift / present

Silhouette Cameo Portrait Hand Made

Silhouette Cameo Portrait Hand Made

#meandmybear Family Support Work Charity

Me and my bear campaign our donation 

#meandmybear Please share on your page and you can also donate by texting FJMG35 £amount to 70070 with the amount you want to give (£1, £2, £3, £4, £5, £10) Please spread the word and post your bear pictures! 

Emilyn with #meandmybear

Me with #meandmybear
 Find out more about FSW HERE 

Hugo with #meandmybear

Please join in the #meandmybear campaign for FSW Family Support Work

£2 is nothing to some of us but added together can make life changing differences to charities. 

What are you waiting for I want to see your Me and my bear selfie :)

You can find FSW on Facebook
& Twitter  

Please Help Jamie Stay On His Feet

We live in a little village & in this little Village lives a little boy with a big heart, Jamie. Jamie has Cerebral Palsy, He was born 10 weeks prematurely and at some point during north he suffered a bleed to his brain. 
Two and a half years ago Jamie's life was very different to what it is now, he was unable to walk or even stand unaided. He couldn't cross his legs whilst sitting on the floor or keep up with his friends in the school playground. 
He used to use a walking frame to get around but was struggling to use it for long distances, he was becoming increasingly reliant on his wheelchair which he hated! 

To make things worse the discomfort everyday of his life from the tightness in his body. Jamie was told by the hospital the limited mobility he had would decrease as he got older, bigger & heavier, In the future he would be completely wheelchair bound.

Jamie's future was pretty bleak back then...

Then his family heard about this pioneering surgery called Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy (SDR) 
Jamie's family started a fundraising campaign called 'Help Jamie find his feet' When they started fundraising the surgery wasn't available in this country however it was in the States, with a very talented surgeon called Dr Park. 
Then during the course of the fund-raising another talented surgeon, Dr Aquilina who had trained with Dr Park began performing the survey over here. After a lot of conflicting emotions Jamie's family met with Dr Aquilina they decided to proceed with the surgery performed over here, They had to privately pay for it as the NHS rejected their application for funding... I think this is horrendous! 

If you want to read the rest of Jamie's story take a look at his fund-raising page HERE

As well as their Just Giving page Rudgwick is holding Jamie's Fundraiser, It's this coming Saturday at 7.30pm. If you are local please come along and Help Keep Jamie on his Feet!

Entry is free but we are asking that you make a voluntary donation to Jamie's Fund.
Tickets are available from  behind the bar at Rudgwick Sports and Community Centre and from Rudgwick Pharmacy.

I thought I'd blog about this to open peoples eyes. I reach around 20,000 people each month & if just a handful of you donate a few pounds it would make such a difference.

If you would like to make a donation, please visit the following justgiving page:
Just Giving page - helpjamiestayonhisfeet
We will also be taking cash donations on the night and when collecting tickets, but unfortunately we are unable to claim gift aid on these.

Jamie is the happiest little boy I've ever met with the cheekiest of smiles. Sorry we can't be there Saturday to attend his Fundraiser but I will be sure to donate & spread the word to help keep Jamie on his feet. 

The ultimate check list for planning a christening

christening checklist infographic

Poorly Clingy Boy

He's been poorly for four days now, you know when all they want is their Mum & even then they don't really want you but don't want to be on their own either? 
When they're tired but don't want to sleep so will just cry & cry & cry. 
When they're feeling as hot as fire to touch but yelling at you saying "I freezing mummy" ...
When they're just so poorly they don't move. 
This is how Hugo has been. 
I miss him running riot 
I miss him always in the cupboard eating all the food. 
I miss him putting all of toy boxes all over the floor.
I miss his tantrums over the stupidest things.
I miss him being him. 
"duddles duddles duddles"
After taking him to the doctors this afternoon he's now on Antibiotics for a viral infection. 
He's all wheezy & struggling to get medicine into him... 

He's refusing Calpol, Nuerofen, Antibiotics & the inhaler It makes it so much worse having to fight with him... 

We all got to do what we got to do : if that means tricking him to take his medicine through his milk ... 

sharing my bed it's a bit of a squash to say the least...
I am so super tired no sleep for three nights I'm used to little sleep but this has been like no sleep...

I need one of those toddler carriers - he's so heavy 

Hopefully his antibiotics will kick in soon.

Mug Swap 2014

I can't quite believe my last 'Mug Swap' was back in 2012!!... WHERE HAS THAT TIME GONE!? 
I loved it. 
I loved that Hannah had arranged it all, Hannah blogs over at Cupcakemumma I love reading her blog posts & class her as a very good friend now. I really do love the blogging community. 
When I casually saw Hannah's Instagram post about signing up for the 2014 Mug Swap I got super excited - "I'm in" 
With my last & first ever mug swap I didn't really know what to expect... you can see here 
I sent Emma at Theygrowsoquick a Jamie Oliver Super Mum Mug I still follow her blog today I love it.
With this Mug Swap I was given Shay... Her blog is Two-tiny-terrors.blogspot.co.uk I've known Shay since 2009 as we both had our Daughters then & met on a birth board. 
We've stayed in contact & it's so lovely to see our Daughters grow up they'll both be starting school in September...! 

Anyways here is our 2014 Mug Swap 
Mug Swap 2014
This is what I sent Shay - a Have your 'CAKE" & eat it too - I have to admit I initially thought the cake was a Jelly & fell in love with it... I love it it's very me.
I added some Hot chocolate sachets Shay loves hot chocolate & then some Chocolate truffles, Lollipops for her children & a lovely little shabby chic heart.

Yesterday I received a box. Eeeek I was SO EXCITED I just knew it would be my Mug Swap.
As I open it the mug was beautifully wrapped in tissue paper. Here is what was inside - 
The cutest bird mug reminded me of my love for twitter :)
Mug Swap 2014
Inside the mug was two little chocolates & a bath bomb, I love bath bombs I'm going to enjoy a nice relaxing bath soon!!
Mug Swap 2014

Mug swap 2014

Heres a few more of the mug I sent Shay:

Mug Swap 2014

Mug Swap 2014

Thank you Hannah for organising the Mug Swaps I really love taking part - I am also a huge Mug hoarder ;) 

Up-Cycling a Pallet Recycle things around you - The Pallet Table

Have you ever looked around you & seen so many different purposes for random things? We seem to have pallets everywhere, So i'm always trying to find new ways to use them for our everyday life. 

The Pallet Table 
the simplest of some of the ideas it really is just putting four casters on the base of the pallet. 
Its perfect for the children in the garden or bring it indoors for a coffee table.
Hugo loves his pallet table
Last year I put together The Pallet Day Bed
Pallet day bed for the garden
Pallet Table 

The Pallet Table

Pallet Table

Pallet Table 


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