6 Fun Facts About Christenings

Although the traditional and symbolic meaning being christenings is dwindling, the number of services being carried out in the UK is increasing.  

According to recent figures by the Church of England, the number of christenings raised by 4.3% in 2013, with a rise of over 5% in adult baptisms. This means that the combined total of baptisms conducted was almost 140,000. 

So with so many christenings taking place, we have put together 6 fun facts for you to feast your eyes on. 

  1. Anyone can get christened 

There are certain things in life that you cannot do unless you are a part of a particular circle for example: men cannot have babies and women cannot compete against men in football. However, all sexes can get christened and all families are welcomed into the church. 

2. It’s free! 

The service itself is absolutely free. The only costs involved include the venue, attire, entertainment hire and food. 

3. There’s no age limit 

There are various age restrictions in the UK such as smoking and buying alcohol but when it comes to getting baptised, there is no age limit and a baby or child can get christened at any time. The only thing is that after the age of seven, a child is expected to make the promises themselves.  

4. Godparents play a huge role 

Being asked to be a godparent is a big deal and contrary to belief, you don’t have to be baptised yourself. It is traditional for boys to have two Godfathers and one Godmother, and for girls to have two Godmothers and one Godfather.  

5. The baptism candle is iconic 

The baptism candle is always lit from the fire of the large Paschal Candle which is renewed every year at the Easter Vigil and is prominently displayed at Mass. 

6. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity 

You can only get baptised once in your lifetime and for it to be valid, the following words must be said: 

Baptise them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.” (Matthew 28:19-20)  

If any other words than ‘Father’ are used, the baptism is invalid.  

So there you have 6 fun facts about christenings! Got any more interesting facts to add to the list? Let us know by commenting below.  

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