Child free weekend away!

SO five whole months ago I posted Baby free break? I had hit rock bottom, I needed a weekend away from my little ones. However with just how crazy life is. This didn't happen until this weekend just gone. 
Beginning of February I saw fabulous hotels for just £25 for a night. I thought oh heck lets me jut book something, anything thats still quite local. 
I booked one that looked beautiful & still just 45 minutes away from home. 
After I booked it I felt accomplished. 
I felt ready to face the next day. 
I felt in a short few months time I will get my break I desperately need. 
Last week however Hugo's sleeping had hot an all time low. 
(I need to keep you up to date I know I know.) 
I then suddenly went into total panic, How am I leaving him?
I felt awful what I may put my own Mum through, what if Hugo stays up all night. 
We decided it was best if Hugo didn't have his boots and bar on for the one night. 
 I mean after all he spends half the night without them on...
Saturday Morning came we took Emilyn to ballet (We got to watch her in her classes too ) was so lovely to see how well she's coming on. 
Then we got home packed up, Nanna took them to the Cinema to the Lego Movie, Hugo's first time. I was told that he really enjoyed it, We will take them to see Rio 2 next week. 
We packed up the car & off we went. 
We stopped off at a local pub for lunch, Typically we were seated next to tables of other peoples children. 
I'm sorry but yes I am one of those women that If I'm having a break away from my children, I don't want to be around other peoples?! 
Shoot me now...
After lunch we went straight to the hotel to check in. 

I had totally planned to put a film on & lay in bed for the rest of the day. 
When was the last time I done that? Before I had children. 

This is just what I needed. 
To be me for just 24 hours. 

With no care in the world. 
(I did keep up to date with my babies & I probably rang them more than I should of done. But they were HAPPY)

We started Sunday with an 'all you can eat' breakfast. PERFECT start to the day

The Hotel was beautiful, With beautiful gardens to match.

We had the whole of Sunday free to do what we wished.
Cinema for ourselves ? 
Heck Yes! 
We watched Divergent. Oh my goodness 110% recommend. 
It was the best film I've watched for ages. 

Then a little shopping trip around Guildford, Yes I totally bought things for the little ones.
Stopped for lunch at Five Guys  Probably the best Hot Dog & Burger we've had ever! 

I've decided that we should have these mini weekend breaks away so much more. 
It will keep me sane no doubt. 
It was so nice to actually miss my babies. 
I'm always with them, I never have time to miss them. 

I perfect start to the Easter Holidays. 
Feeling refreshed. 

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