Horsham's Easter Bunny Hunt Day 2 of the Easter Holidays.

Today the sky was blue & the sun shone bright, Ok Ok we are in England & the sky broke free & rained a few times .... however it totally didn't ruin our day. 
Day.2 of the Easter Holidays & I'm remembering how much I struggle to keep these two entertained. 
Today we went to our local park with their bikes, went home for lunch & then visited our local little town Horsham.
Balloon man in horsham
Horsham does these fab Bunny hunts, A good amount of local businesses get involved & put a bunny in their shop with its name under neath. 
The children go shop to shop, Business to business to find the bunny & then write the bunnies name down on the piece of paper we got at the beginning. 
It's all FREE & the children get little chocolate eggs or sweets. 
They have to do a card game & if they pull the carrot card they get given a sweet.

It's perfect entrainment for children up to the age of 8. 

I want to say it was a stress free fun time. 
But with 3 children & one baby it had its moments...
Most of the time from my own cheeky monkey Hugo... he has no fear & kept running away! 

If you are local to Horsham, West Sussex I totally recommend you doing the Bunny eater egg hunt. 
The children that complete the hunt can then enter the competition that they'll have a chance to win £40! 

Mid easter bunny hunt we found the man making balloons. Emilyn was amazed but weary of him, I think it was his long legs. 
I donated a couple of pounds & he made Emilyn a flower & Hugo a monkey. 
Their personalities down to a T.

The balloon (clown) added to the magic of the day. 

with their easter buckets

easter bucket

The bunnies will be leaving on the 17th-18th April then the Ferraris will arrive on the 18th.

So if you're bored this Easter holidays go pop down & do the Bunny Hunt. It's fab
Entry Forms will be printed in the local media, or can be picked up at participating shops which include ATOM in the Carfax; the CafĂ© at Marks & Spencer; Sainsburys;  Sony Centre and Toy Barnhaus in Swan Walk; Cargo in the Forum; the Horsham Museum in the Causeway; Brock Taylor, Cancer Research UK, Cooperative Funeral Care, and La Source in East Street; Guy Leonard in North Street; La Vida in Piries Place; Woodlands Estate Agents in South Street; Leaders in Market Square; Carmela Restaurant in Denne Road; Dixey’s Opticians, Britchiro, Mr Simms Sweet Shoppe, and Specsavers in West Street; and Battelquest Games, Candy Box, Mansell McTaggart, Crates, Panino, Waterstones and the Non-Stop Party Shop in the Carfax.   

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