Mug Swap 2014

I can't quite believe my last 'Mug Swap' was back in 2012!!... WHERE HAS THAT TIME GONE!? 
I loved it. 
I loved that Hannah had arranged it all, Hannah blogs over at Cupcakemumma I love reading her blog posts & class her as a very good friend now. I really do love the blogging community. 
When I casually saw Hannah's Instagram post about signing up for the 2014 Mug Swap I got super excited - "I'm in" 
With my last & first ever mug swap I didn't really know what to expect... you can see here 
I sent Emma at Theygrowsoquick a Jamie Oliver Super Mum Mug I still follow her blog today I love it.
With this Mug Swap I was given Shay... Her blog is I've known Shay since 2009 as we both had our Daughters then & met on a birth board. 
We've stayed in contact & it's so lovely to see our Daughters grow up they'll both be starting school in September...! 

Anyways here is our 2014 Mug Swap 
Mug Swap 2014
This is what I sent Shay - a Have your 'CAKE" & eat it too - I have to admit I initially thought the cake was a Jelly & fell in love with it... I love it it's very me.
I added some Hot chocolate sachets Shay loves hot chocolate & then some Chocolate truffles, Lollipops for her children & a lovely little shabby chic heart.

Yesterday I received a box. Eeeek I was SO EXCITED I just knew it would be my Mug Swap.
As I open it the mug was beautifully wrapped in tissue paper. Here is what was inside - 
The cutest bird mug reminded me of my love for twitter :)
Mug Swap 2014
Inside the mug was two little chocolates & a bath bomb, I love bath bombs I'm going to enjoy a nice relaxing bath soon!!
Mug Swap 2014

Mug swap 2014

Heres a few more of the mug I sent Shay:

Mug Swap 2014

Mug Swap 2014

Thank you Hannah for organising the Mug Swaps I really love taking part - I am also a huge Mug hoarder ;) 

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