my two favourites : How to deal with knotty Hair *children

Do you struggle every morning to brush your child's hair? Have a manic rush to get it looking respectable ? Or like I was doing - I gave up with Hugo's hair even when I used the TangleTeezer, His hair needed more! He would leave the house looking like one of the lost boys from Peter Pan. 
Until I reached out & asked my hairdresser, at my whits end, needing his hair to look lovely once again.  
She recommended a child's detangling spray. 
Off we went to our local Supermarket, Emilyn actually found this one - Schwarzkopf Supersoft Kids detangling spray. I'm sure the fairy on the front of the bottle had EVERYTHING to do with her choosing it. For just £2 I wasn't going to moan... I have just seen Amazon & its about £1.06 at the moment... 
Let me talk you through Hugo's crazy bird nest hair.
He a fidget in his sleep, the awakes with crazy hair, we spray & comb through with our tangle teezer, he loves it, no crying, no pain & then lovely knot free hair! 
Step one - prepare - chid, spray & brush
step two - spray hair, brush through..

step 3 - perfect hair to start the day.
You can buy the Tangle teezer here - 

*Disclaimer - this isn't a review - no one has asked me to post this, No payment nothing. Just want to share how much we love these products & help other families through crazy hair...

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