Oh I do like to be beside the Seaside... Easter Holidays Day 6

Saturday 12th April
The sun is out & we've had this date planned with a very close friend for ages. 
The excitement had well & truly kicked in

We arrived at hers & had a coffee & a huge catch up. 
Emilyn was desperate to go the seaside
after our coffee *Need that caffiene fix we walked up to the seaside

Stopped at the fish & chip shop got luck for the little people, 
Us adults stopped at the noodle bar 
Lunch on the beach
walked down the beach and had our lunch in the sunshine looking over the sea. 
Just beautiful.

After lunch & after a little play in the sea it was time for Ice cream. 
Two child's ice creams, 
You can say they enjoyed them.

Whilst walking back to my friends house we stumbled across a craft fair. 
Beautifully hand made bits & pieces 

I couldn't help but buy a gorgeous Ice cream garland 
little glittery eggs for our easter tree & a little shabby chic heart.
Whilst walking past another stall they're seemed to be a flock of people gathering gathering thick & fast... I was completely oblivious to this well until a lady tapped me on my shoulder & told me my BUGGY WAS LEAKING!... Hugo had put the bottle of water upside down & with the lid off. 
Mortified doesn't even cut it. 
I had left a huge puddle behind me & the water was still leaking.....

Apart from that little hick up that actually made us laugh more than I can ever express here...
Most importantly the children behaved it was a stress free outing. Always the best!.

I'm going to say it (I know its only half way through the easter holidays) but I'm not looking forwards to them going back to pre school. 

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