Please Help Jamie Stay On His Feet

We live in a little village & in this little Village lives a little boy with a big heart, Jamie. Jamie has Cerebral Palsy, He was born 10 weeks prematurely and at some point during north he suffered a bleed to his brain. 
Two and a half years ago Jamie's life was very different to what it is now, he was unable to walk or even stand unaided. He couldn't cross his legs whilst sitting on the floor or keep up with his friends in the school playground. 
He used to use a walking frame to get around but was struggling to use it for long distances, he was becoming increasingly reliant on his wheelchair which he hated! 

To make things worse the discomfort everyday of his life from the tightness in his body. Jamie was told by the hospital the limited mobility he had would decrease as he got older, bigger & heavier, In the future he would be completely wheelchair bound.

Jamie's future was pretty bleak back then...

Then his family heard about this pioneering surgery called Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy (SDR) 
Jamie's family started a fundraising campaign called 'Help Jamie find his feet' When they started fundraising the surgery wasn't available in this country however it was in the States, with a very talented surgeon called Dr Park. 
Then during the course of the fund-raising another talented surgeon, Dr Aquilina who had trained with Dr Park began performing the survey over here. After a lot of conflicting emotions Jamie's family met with Dr Aquilina they decided to proceed with the surgery performed over here, They had to privately pay for it as the NHS rejected their application for funding... I think this is horrendous! 

If you want to read the rest of Jamie's story take a look at his fund-raising page HERE

As well as their Just Giving page Rudgwick is holding Jamie's Fundraiser, It's this coming Saturday at 7.30pm. If you are local please come along and Help Keep Jamie on his Feet!

Entry is free but we are asking that you make a voluntary donation to Jamie's Fund.
Tickets are available from  behind the bar at Rudgwick Sports and Community Centre and from Rudgwick Pharmacy.

I thought I'd blog about this to open peoples eyes. I reach around 20,000 people each month & if just a handful of you donate a few pounds it would make such a difference.

If you would like to make a donation, please visit the following justgiving page:
Just Giving page - helpjamiestayonhisfeet
We will also be taking cash donations on the night and when collecting tickets, but unfortunately we are unable to claim gift aid on these.

Jamie is the happiest little boy I've ever met with the cheekiest of smiles. Sorry we can't be there Saturday to attend his Fundraiser but I will be sure to donate & spread the word to help keep Jamie on his feet. 

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