Poorly Clingy Boy

He's been poorly for four days now, you know when all they want is their Mum & even then they don't really want you but don't want to be on their own either? 
When they're tired but don't want to sleep so will just cry & cry & cry. 
When they're feeling as hot as fire to touch but yelling at you saying "I freezing mummy" ...
When they're just so poorly they don't move. 
This is how Hugo has been. 
I miss him running riot 
I miss him always in the cupboard eating all the food. 
I miss him putting all of toy boxes all over the floor.
I miss his tantrums over the stupidest things.
I miss him being him. 
"duddles duddles duddles"
After taking him to the doctors this afternoon he's now on Antibiotics for a viral infection. 
He's all wheezy & struggling to get medicine into him... 

He's refusing Calpol, Nuerofen, Antibiotics & the inhaler It makes it so much worse having to fight with him... 

We all got to do what we got to do : if that means tricking him to take his medicine through his milk ... 

sharing my bed it's a bit of a squash to say the least...
I am so super tired no sleep for three nights I'm used to little sleep but this has been like no sleep...

I need one of those toddler carriers - he's so heavy 

Hopefully his antibiotics will kick in soon.

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