Possible Relapse ? Clubfoot Talipes

I've been quiet for a while regarding talking talipes related posts- I found a new crease on Hugo's right foot. I'm not a medical professional so I have no idea if his foot is relapsing, But it has totally thrown me into shock. 
I first noticed it last week & it made me feel sick to my stomach just thinking what if? 
Relapse Clubfoot Talipes 
I changed his dobbs bar straight away back to his ponseti non moveable one (Again I'm no medical expert but I have heard stories about the dobbs bar causing more chance of relapse.) 
I then kind of huddled myself into a bubble of me & my little family. 
I think sometimes when I tell people about Hugo being born with talipes no one really understands the full extent of it. I mean if he wasn't having treatment he wouldn't be walking today. 
If his right foot is relapsing I honestly have no idea what will happen next?
His left foot is still a bit over corrected & hyper mobile (I've been told that it will have a much lower chance of relapse) his left foot still looks ok. 

I just thought i would update you on Hugo's feet (& myself for future reference)
The pictures show the new crease thats appeared - 

On a plus side we have made a huge breakthrough with Hugo keeping his boots and bar on *fingers crossed it wasn't a one off...

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