Speech therapy, what a waste of time

2nd April 2014

Speech Therapy
Speech Therapy

I don't mean Speech therapy is a waste of time.. I mean what a waste of time if your child like mine doesn't cooperate enough to actually learn how to talk. 
Speech therapy

After last sessions fail of her being horrifically hyper, I had stern words with her all morning. 
Yet as soon as she starts to do the speech games she gets ridiculous. 
So ridiculous that I end up having to stop the session & have some serious words with her. 
She starts 'big' school in September no one will be able to understand anything she says. I tried my best to explain this to her, she gets so frustrated when people don't understand her. 
She acts like a stressy teenager then gets all grumpy. Quite right too I suppose as in her head she knows exactly what she's saying yet no one has any idea what said word is suppose to mean. 

Luckily as she is starting school this year she is being prioritised, we will be going back in June for a review & I've got to keep doing the speech games here at home & doing her tongue exercises. 

I was just so mortified at her behaviour, it's so embarrassing. She came across super naughty. It was so awkward, I made her apologise as we left, we totally just wasted her time & that wasn't fair. 
I really want Emilyn to learn to talk correctly it will improve eventually I'm sure. 

I think the speech therapist knew she was going to be naughty, she had already got the pirate game out, with two boxes one full of swords & the other empty. 
Every time Emilyn was good she was allowed to pick a sword & put it in her bucket... At the end she will be able to play the pirate game with all the swords she had earned. 
Well the pirate game was never played. She was too naughty to even get to play it. 
Then after speech I had told Emilyn if she was a good girl I'd take them to the park on her bike. Well that was cancelled. Leaving her to cry in the car all the way home. Thank goodness for Radio 1 to keep me amused. 
Speech Therapy Fishes.

Speech Therapy
Speech Therapy
Speech Therapy fishes 
Speech therapy

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