The wheels on the bus go round & round Day 1 of the Easter Holidays

Today is day 1 of our Easter Holidays. 
We decided to take Hugo & Emilyn on our friends coach, as a surprise treat. 
We thought Hugo would love it, as he is totally vehicle obsessed. 

He hyped himself up for it all morning, I just thought he would adore his ride out. 

When we got there I got him on the coach he sat down & done his seatbelt up. 
A few minutes went by, Emilyn was ecstatic. The excitement taking over. 
Hugo out of no where burst into tears, Crying for "Mummy Duddles"
He cried the whole short journey... 
Crying for my car? 
What the heck? 
"Mummies car.... Mummies car...." Sobbing his little heart out. 
I have no idea what had gotten into him, 
All I can think is that it was just all too much. He might of been so over excited it was too much emotion. 

When you had stopped & Hugo saw my car again, He calmed down. 
Emilyn went up & down the aisle putting all the arm rests up & then down & up again.
When we take him in a coach / bus next we will have to try the double decker. 

We got home & it was drizzling, Hugo & Emilyn insisted to carry on playing outside. 
Hugo loves his JCB Fastrac tractor. 

Whilst they played outside, I got busy filling my house up with flowers from the garden, Love fresh flowers. 
The day was obviously all too much for Emilyn, She fell asleep for over an hour. 
Roll on tomorrow. 

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