Product Testing the Slugs & Snails Bloomers

I am a HUGE Slugs & Snails fan. I have so much love for their boys tights Do you remember my blog post about them in 2013? 

I spotted on the slugs and snails Facebook page they were on the hunt for product testers for their new bloomers. 
I jumped at the chance & amazingly got picked!
Hugo & myself were extremely excited. 

We've really put the bloomers through the ultimate test in the past few months...
We decided they would be best to travel on an aeroplane in.
Hugo was happy to wear them with his boots and bar & sleep in them. 
We had a early morning flight & had to get to Luton airport.

They are made from a ultra soft corduroy materiel, with a red ribbed waist & cuffed bottoms. 
Cute pockets front & back. Hugo LOVES pockets 
LOVES pockets slugs and snails
We really have put these bloomers through their paces.

Airport slugs and snails
Walking through the airport Hugo had lots of admiring looks & positive comments towards his trousers. 

Once we arrived in Menorca Hugo barely let me take his bloomers off. He told me he loves them. 
They look super cute with his truck tights you can find them HERE

I've attached loads of pictures... 
I'm hoping Slugs & snails have some for sale soon. I'd love to buy some more. 

*Disclaimer - I was sent these to sample & test they are just a sample set. I chose to write about it to express my love for them.

Holidays are best kept in your head

*If you're a parent*

Whilst sitting at home thinking about how much we needed a hot family holiday you know you think ah relaxation.

*set the scene* - Sunbed, binkini on, factor 4 tanning oil, alcoholic beverage in hand, book in the other. Laying in the blistering hot sunshine round a child free swimming pool, just your iPod on low for a bit of background noise...

Then you become a parent & the meaning of 'Holiday abroad' gives you a new unwanted grey hair & fresh wrinkles around your eyes... 

It takes two weeks to  *just* pack the suitcases who'd of thought two toddlers needed this much ?!  & then the dreaded shriek of "I'll help you pack Mamma I'll help..." 

The flight there is obviously early hours of the morning who was stupid enough to book that? Waking them up to pile them into the car squashing suitcases & buggies in the small hatch back too... 

Parking the car at the airport & having to get a shuttle with four big suitcases three hand luggage a buggy & a four year old at 3am. Ha let's just say it added to the memories.  

The whole waiting around the airport.
Gone are the days that I'd leisurely window shop all the beautiful duty free shops victoria secrets, monsoon, Ted baker... Nope now we made a den in the midst of the airport to try  & stop them from escaping of course this lasting all of a few minutes until one of them was jumping seat to seat galloping over strangers just to get to the next seat. 

The aeroplane - I can't really complain here my children *touch wood* are brilliant flyers they both had their own seats & I pack enough sweets to keep them amused we all slept the two hour flight... 

We've arrived & after being awake a full 24hours I'm exhausted we got to our appartment & it started. "I'm bored now" "can we go down to the swimming pool. " ... Off we trape to the pool one of three & a huge water slide.  

The swimming pool 

Setting the scene - it's 3pm the pools quite busy I'm quite tired. 
It's all a bit of a haze in my memory - the sun is hot the children are moaning. 
I was asleep I'd fallen asleep on the Sunbed, I must of been tired. Why are they screaming ? What is there to tantrum about... They want to go back to the apartment. It all gets way too much I jump up & "OK OK LETS GO..." 

Back at the apartment 

Thing two - "MUM MUM TELE GONE? TELE GONE? MUM WHERE TELE GONE?" Uh oh to explain to my unfortunately tv obsessed boy that in fact we have no tele... Could get interesting. Off he runs to his room....  "MUM MUM TELE GONE MY ROOM... MUM TELE GONE MY ROOM... MUM NO TELE????" 
The sky opens & the crying starts. All over a tele ? Or lack of it. 

Quick think c'mon think... I can't bare this crying much more... Ah ha we have one iPad & two tablets with us. I put a film on he calms he watches he quietens down. 

The tantrums that we've seen this holiday have been monumental even for my two... 

There was the one about the ice cream - "Mamma can we have an ice cream please..." I look over at the time five o'clock the suns still beaming bright should we have an Ice cream, yes ok I'll get you an eye scream over 10€ later we've all got a beautiful ice cream Thing one chose a strawberry flavour with real bits of strawberry in... Well of course this must of been a mistake who'd put strawberry into a strawberry ice cream ? Who'd be so silly, so wrong, so yucky... She gave me the ice cream it was wrapped in a serviette "I don't want it. " she stamped her feet ... Oh my god is this happening ? Is this really happening... 
I offered her mine a double chocolate magnum "no it's broken I want a new one. I want a new one mamma!!" Seriously? This child... Urgh she must be tired. The sly looks from some people as she's screaming she's echoing the whole swimming pool area & restaurant too. 
The crying getting worst the screaming getting louder. A whole 20 minutes later the tantrum is still in full force. Instead now she's screaming for her 'strawberry ice cream' of course daddy ate it, it's over 23degrees it was melting. I almost gave up you know that when you just start walking away... The distance between us getting larger & larger. Until she noticed I was going back to the apartment her little steps getting quicker & quicker. "Mamma cuddles mamma cuddles".... 
I'd calmed her down but at the same time explained that she must start appreciating things, she didn't want to hear that & started crying again.  
A cuddle & early to bed helped. 

Then there was the train : ok so we saw Thomas the tank engine train drive past us one morning luckily we were waiting for the bus into Mahon so we could distract them quickly onto the 'exciting red bus look guys it's a bus ' type thing. Each day after that we saw Thomas Thing two in particular was getting quite excitited each time we heard Thomas's horn... Then one evening whilst in a restaurant Thomas the tank engine drove past... All he'll broke lose I'm not sure if he was overly excited or what but Thing two had a meltdown after the initial "ahhh it's Thomas Mamma look it's the train..!" The whole restaurant looking over smiling. Aw they're thinking how sweet he was getting excited then... He just burst into tears - Thomas was driving away Thing Two was screaming I could feel everyone looking over at us. Quick think quick think.... I calmed the situation by paying the bill quickly & chasing Thomas down the road to simply say hello & good night to him. We came to an agreement if they behaved for the following two days I'd let us have a ride on him - when that day finally arrived their excitement was well worth the 26€ for 50 minutes on Thomas & we had a lovely site seeing look around Mahon. 

In all we're having a beautiful holiday, I love my crazy children they make our family holidays have the memories we do. I mean who really wants to be undisturbed all day ?...

Holiday time in Menorca

Having the best holiday in Menorca, very minimal Wifi (that's a good thing) means I get a proper holiday - will be back on the 25th May. 

Remember we're running the giveaway a few posts down!! 

Talipes awareness Birth Defects Our feature in Prima Baby & PregnancyMagazine

Prima Baby & Pregnancy Magazine Talipes clubfoot 

I'm a Mummy on a mission - My mission to create as much awareness world wide for Talipes as I quite possibly can. 

When a journalist tweeted out asking for parents with children with birth defects such as clubfoot I found my twitter feed full of people recommending me ( I was so overwhelmed ) 
It was such an amazing opportunity

I wanted to stay as positive as possible but also explain what it's like to have a Talipes baby. 

Prima Baby & Pregnancy Magazine Talipes clubfoot 

I'm really happy with the published story. The journalist was amazing too (Thank you) 

Prima Baby & Pregnancy Magazine Talipes clubfoot 

Prima Baby & Pregnancy Magazine Talipes clubfoot 
If you want to read the whole story properly go to your local newsagents & get a copy. You'll see Hugo & myself in there too!!

Prima Baby & Pregnancy Magazine Talipes clubfoot 

Prima Baby & Pregnancy Magazine Talipes clubfoot 

My 10 top tips for traveling abroad with a toddler or two in tow...

My 10 top tips for traveling abroad with a baby or two in tow...

Have I mentioned yet that we are jetting off to the Menorca TONIGHT...
I am so excited for some sun! 
Although we will be exhausted by the time we get there. Our flight leaves at 5:45am & we have to be there 3 hours before hand- We are also flying from Luton another 2 hours away from us. So we will be leaving early evening tonight. 
We are a complete travel bug family I can that holiday itch that I can't quite scrub off. 
Then we know we need that holiday. 

We got Constellation 3-Piece Luggage Set - Owl Print from VERY

I don't know about you but even the whole packing & getting to the airport stresses me & Don't even get me started on just HOW MUCH a toddler seems to needs...

A- A lightweight Buggy we are taking the Quinny YEZZ

B- carseat/car seats! If two or more well it becomes HARDWORK!
C- Travel cot? It saved me £30 for a week but wow was it an extra STRESS
D- My two year old now gets his own 20kg suitcase allowance... more luggage ! 
Travel LIGHT???... 

E- PROPLUS to get me through the next 24 hours. 

Ok to here are my 10 top tips for Traveling with a toddler or two in tow!

1 - Prepare yourself -  Charge batteries, Download films on to iPads, iPods, bring their favourite toys. I will be bringing my little peoples favourite toys - their toy cars. A handful for them to share. I may even bring some crayons & paper. There is only so many sweets you can keep them amused with.

2 - Buy a cute travel buddy We have two little knitted Jelly Babies that will be accompanying my two on our holiday.

3 - 
Try to reserve a window seat -  The window is a perfect diversion if your toddler starts to get fidgety "ooo look out the window Z can you see the clouds?" Emilyn LOVES to sit by the window. I'm sure i'll have Hugo & Emilyn fighting over the window seat.

4 - 
Pack enough goodies for the plane - I tend to bring my usual changing bag plus more... extra nappies, a couple of change of clothes, You can count on it if your stuck on a 10 hour flight the babies nappy will no doubt explode & a change of clothes WILL be needed, some sweets, lollipops for flight take off & take down, snacks.

5 - Put them in comfy clothes for the aeroplane journey 
 - We chose a GAP outfit  for Emilyn & Hugo will be wearing his Slugs & Snails tights & bloomers (we are product testing the new bloomers) & comfy Converses

Comfy clothes for the aeroplane 

6 - Bring their security toys/blankets - The last thing you want to do is pack their security toys in the main suitcase - with my Children they Both have security blankets & Emilyn has a toy cow. 

7 - 
Bring a travel companion - If possible bring your Husband, partner, Mother, friend, - You'll need 

that extra help. I definitely couldn't travel without Mic. When we went to Spain; there was a Mother on her own with her 2 year old son; although she was a very capable mother I really wished I could of helped her. She had to try to get from the airport with two suitcases, a buggy & hand luggage & a sleepy 2 year old. It's almost near impossible. I actually did get Mic to offer her some help. But she politely declined. I think traveling on your own with children must be so stressful. Those are the days gone when I used to fly as a singleton back & forth from Spain to England, With a book in Peace!

8 - 
Remember Babies CRY & TODDLERS DO TANTRUM - Try to forget your on a plane when your baby starts to cry. It's easier said than done I know... When flying back from Tunisia with Emilyn I was so stressed as well as exhausted, When she got over tired & didn't want to sleep the crying started & all I could do was think about everyone else & I really shouldn't of done, If I had stayed calm she would of probably calmed down & gone to sleep but hey ho, I got so stressed I almost joined her with the almighty tantrum she was having! Remember sometimes your baby just needs a GOOD CRY & despite your best efforts they'll cry anyway.

9 - 
Book your own Transport - I am definitely someone who likes to explore on Holidays, we 9 times out of 10 hire a car on Holiday, The journey from airport to Hotel/Villa/Apartment is SO much more relaxing *Apart from if you get lost *of course, The heat of the Coach transfer & the Price of a taxi. I can't think of a better way than hiring a car. 

10 - 
RELAX - You're on HOLIDAY after all. But i well & truly understand there is NO FUN in having hot coffee spilt all over your lap. Or Champagne being wasted on the floor. You can always sleep & leave your darling Husband to it. 

Bimuno IMMUNAID to help maintain Immune Health product review & giveaway

Bimuno Immunaid 
When Bimuno recently contacted me to see if I'd like to review & share a give away with you guys I jumped at the chance,
As I am a M.E sufferer I need all the help I can get when it comes to my low immune system. Hey every little helps.
I've been taking these for the past week two a day & they are little chewable pastilles.
I am so impressed so far. 

Little chewable pastilles Bimuno Immunaid 

They are very chewy, they taste pleasant although I can't describe the taste of them...
I so far haven't had a cold or felt poorly since taking them.

You can buy them from most pharmacies including BOOTS for £9.99 (Boots have 3 for 2 deal on at the moment)

You can find them on Twitter @BimunoUK
You can find them on Facebook 
Find them online at Bimuno

Product Description 

Bimuno IMMUNAID is a unique patented formulation, specially developed to help keep your immune system fit and healthy. Scientific studies indicate that Galacto-oligosaccharides, as provided by Bimuno IMMUNAID, help encourage and sustain a healthy level of your guts 'good' immune supporting bacteria. (bifidobacteria) 
By using Bumuno Immunaid to help increase and strengthen your body's good bacteria, you can help support your own natural defences.
Bimuno also includes Vitamin C for added immune support.

How to Use

Children aged 6 years and over and adults : Take two pastilles a day.
For the best results take two pastilles after breakfast.
Since the benefits build over time, a daily intake is recommended.



Bimuno Syrup (Galacto-oligosaccharides, Glucose, Galactose and Lactose*), Gelatin, Sodium Ascorbate (Vitamin C), Glazing Agent (Coconut Oil, Vegetable Fats, Carnauba Wax).
*From milk.
  • Free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives.
  • Gluten free.

They say...


Bimuno was born with the vision of developing products which we believe will revolutionise the concept of ‘healthy eating for all’. Our aim is to discover, develop and harness the latest prebiotic technology, providing clinically proven products which improve and enrich the quality of people’s lives. By so doing we seek to become recognised as the leading experts in digestive and immune health."

You can find Expert Testimonial's Here 
You can find Celebrity Testimonials

You can enter the giveaway below with the Rafflecopter - You can Tweet as much as you like every day.

Hugo's foot appointment is he relapsing ? Talipes 8/05/14

I am so behind with catching up with Hugo's foot appointments. 
we went last week after completely forgetting his last one... I blogged about how worried I was about his right foot relapsing...You can check it out here 

We arrived in good time & walked to the hospital stopping every couple of minutes to check out the ambulances. Of course. 
We took the buggy but Hugo decided to use the buggy board I'm fearing he's growing out of the buggy rather quickly. 

We got to the waiting room Hugo went off to play with the cars as per usual. 

Waiting, waiting, waiting & then a tiny new Happy Feet baby leaves the room being cuddled by his daddy he was having his casts change. 
I get this lump in my throat I wish I treasured those moments more & stopped worrying. 
I wish I took more photos. 
I wish time didn't go so fast. 
I miss his little curled up feet. 

His physio asked us into the room & we were introduced to the tiny baby & his family - our physio introduced Hugo as the Boots and Bar king. 

We went into the corridor & asked Hugo to run back & forth with duplo for fun... as we were doing this his physio was looking at his feet/legs

She had a good look & said they are looking good. 
His Hypermobile leg has straightened up but is still out. 
With his left leg being hyper mobile he can't control it as much as his normal leg meaning he may fall over more it gives way too much. 

We then went back into the room & she had a good look at his feet stretching them - Hugo was amazing & didn't fight it like he has in the past... 

He kept saying "thank you Doctor." CUTE! 

We then discussed his right foot the foot I had been fearing for. 
Relapse Talipes foot

She could see the crease however it was looking better I told her I stopped using the dobbs bar as soon as I saw the crease & she said that I've done all the right things. 
To keep an eye on his foot but it's looking better already. 
Now to try & get Hugo to KEEP his boots and bar on.

Walking back from the hospital 

Walking back from the hospital 

We don't need to go back till August now...

Boys in dresses? Will he be gay?

I was going to write up about how enthusiastic Hugo is about wanting to start Ballet like his older sister... However after seeing this  story on - 5 Year old banned from after school club due to wearing dresses! My Cousin shared with me this morning. 
Hugo & Emilyn ready for ballet
I thought I would share just how much Hugo enjoyed dressing up. 
Who's to say stuff like "Oh you're going to turn him gay?" 
"You shouldn't allow BOYS to wear DRESSES" 
Hugo this morning got so excited at the fact that Emilyn had Ballet, He asked me if he could go to ballet with her & wear HIS ballet costume. 
Now I'm sorry if this OFFENDS YOU- however Hugo is my son & if he wants to wear a ballet outfit *Bare in mind he was ecstatic when he got his tutu on. 
The smile on his face, prancing around being a ballerina
& yes Hugo will be starting ballet next year. He will & Yes I know he's a boy. 
If this is what he wants to do then I will support him no matter what. 
I totally disagree with the ludicrous comments that I am turning my son gay.
I obviously wouldn't care if he was gay either. 
gay or straight ? no matter to me nor Mr.H, 
We solely want grounded happy children. 

I love that Hugo enjoys dressing up, He was 'Mary' yes the Virgin Mary last week he LOVES dresses. 

To say & I quote 
"Romeo Clarke, who attends St Marie’s Catholic Primary School in Rugby, has been banned from the Christian Fellowship’s Buzz Children’s Club, over concerns he would ‘confuse’ the other children."

I'm sorry but to say this poor little guy who loves wearing dresses will CONFUSE the other children is RIDICULOUS. 
They are totally wrong; have they never seen children play dress up? 
Also can I make clear - what the heck is "gender specific clothing" 
This comes from a mother who dresses my children 
My Daughter is Jeans & Blue?
My Son is tights & Pink? 
If these people are working with children & have this attitude they are totally in the wrong line of work.
My Daughter is now 4 & she will happily choose a well co-ordinating outfit everyday, she has an eye for clothes & fashion, if she wants to wear dungarees & blue with her hair tied up... should I stop her?
I grew up outside working on cars with my dad, being covered in oil, mud, dirt you name it... I was the ultimate Tom-Boy. 
I had the best childhood & my parents allowed 
You wouldn't know it looking at me today. 
People are so shocked when I say I used to be a Tom-Boy....

Where do you draw the line? 
If you ban boys wearing dresses...
Then how about girls in jeans? 
C'mon something must give. 

What happened about that innocent child. 
The child that loves dressing up & shows their expressions & personality by doing this.
The child that will wear a fancy dress costume day after day after day just because they can? 

How damaging for the child / children to be banned from wearing what THEY want to wear? whatever they chose to wear. 
Hugo LIVES in his Hunter Wellies.
They make him happy. Why would I take this away from him?


Too many small minded people living on this earth. 
I've even had people ask Mr.H why has he allowed me to LET Hugo wear a dress? *After seeing a photo of yep The Book of Face... 
I was literally mortified & wanted to punch the guy in the face... who the heck is he to *Judge* my parenting..

My children are happy. What else matters?

Hugo & Emilyn ready for ballet

Happiness First - All else will follow.

Exciting News - We have joined forces with a Toy Shop Mulberry Bush

Squash Blocs

Sounds intriguing hey? A few months ago a close friend sent me a link saying Mulberry Bush were on the look out for bloggers. (Thank you Sam) I applied thinking nothing more of it,
I few weeks later I received the email saying they would love to work with me! Que: Excitement !
Make sure you request your catalogue now.
Today we had a face to face meeting, They allowed me to bring the smalls too, I told Emilyn & Hugo to be on best behaviour... Yes they ended up nibbling my dress & pulling each others hair. Hey this is what its like when working with children.

We had a lovely meeting & thoroughly enjoyed looking around the warehouse.
It was fabulous to meet the people behind the brand.
So every few weeks I will be keeping you up to date with the best toys on the market.
Let me tell you a little bit about Mulberry Bush, You'll soon understand why I am as excited as I am!

Mulberry Bush LTD is an established specialist mail order company, they sell traditional and innovative toys & gifts for babies & young children.
Their guiding principle is to select the type of toys that parents remember with fondness from their own childhood & there forth Grandparents will want to buy for their grandchildren.
All of their products are fun & exciting (After having a nosey at their warehouse today I can promise you, you'll fall for their stock as much as I have)
They are a British family business - however they can send your order anywhere in the word due to them being an experienced mail order company.
If you do live in Horsham, West Sussex you might want to collect your order from their warehouse, You'll also be able to meet the friendly staff!!

They specialise in colourful, well-made toys, many of which are beautiful wooden ones they're often hard to find.

Their products are perfect for Christmas Presents, You can find personalised products too since they've incorporated the letter box brand

Review coming soon -- Squash Blocs

I'm going to leave it there. 
We have a review coming up on Squash Blocs so watch this space & keep an eye out. 


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