Boys in dresses? Will he be gay?

I was going to write up about how enthusiastic Hugo is about wanting to start Ballet like his older sister... However after seeing this  story on - 5 Year old banned from after school club due to wearing dresses! My Cousin shared with me this morning. 
Hugo & Emilyn ready for ballet
I thought I would share just how much Hugo enjoyed dressing up. 
Who's to say stuff like "Oh you're going to turn him gay?" 
"You shouldn't allow BOYS to wear DRESSES" 
Hugo this morning got so excited at the fact that Emilyn had Ballet, He asked me if he could go to ballet with her & wear HIS ballet costume. 
Now I'm sorry if this OFFENDS YOU- however Hugo is my son & if he wants to wear a ballet outfit *Bare in mind he was ecstatic when he got his tutu on. 
The smile on his face, prancing around being a ballerina
& yes Hugo will be starting ballet next year. He will & Yes I know he's a boy. 
If this is what he wants to do then I will support him no matter what. 
I totally disagree with the ludicrous comments that I am turning my son gay.
I obviously wouldn't care if he was gay either. 
gay or straight ? no matter to me nor Mr.H, 
We solely want grounded happy children. 

I love that Hugo enjoys dressing up, He was 'Mary' yes the Virgin Mary last week he LOVES dresses. 

To say & I quote 
"Romeo Clarke, who attends St Marie’s Catholic Primary School in Rugby, has been banned from the Christian Fellowship’s Buzz Children’s Club, over concerns he would ‘confuse’ the other children."

I'm sorry but to say this poor little guy who loves wearing dresses will CONFUSE the other children is RIDICULOUS. 
They are totally wrong; have they never seen children play dress up? 
Also can I make clear - what the heck is "gender specific clothing" 
This comes from a mother who dresses my children 
My Daughter is Jeans & Blue?
My Son is tights & Pink? 
If these people are working with children & have this attitude they are totally in the wrong line of work.
My Daughter is now 4 & she will happily choose a well co-ordinating outfit everyday, she has an eye for clothes & fashion, if she wants to wear dungarees & blue with her hair tied up... should I stop her?
I grew up outside working on cars with my dad, being covered in oil, mud, dirt you name it... I was the ultimate Tom-Boy. 
I had the best childhood & my parents allowed 
You wouldn't know it looking at me today. 
People are so shocked when I say I used to be a Tom-Boy....

Where do you draw the line? 
If you ban boys wearing dresses...
Then how about girls in jeans? 
C'mon something must give. 

What happened about that innocent child. 
The child that loves dressing up & shows their expressions & personality by doing this.
The child that will wear a fancy dress costume day after day after day just because they can? 

How damaging for the child / children to be banned from wearing what THEY want to wear? whatever they chose to wear. 
Hugo LIVES in his Hunter Wellies.
They make him happy. Why would I take this away from him?


Too many small minded people living on this earth. 
I've even had people ask Mr.H why has he allowed me to LET Hugo wear a dress? *After seeing a photo of yep The Book of Face... 
I was literally mortified & wanted to punch the guy in the face... who the heck is he to *Judge* my parenting..

My children are happy. What else matters?

Hugo & Emilyn ready for ballet

Happiness First - All else will follow.

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