Beautiful restored lion sideboard shabby chic

A few weeks ago my Mother fell in love with this absolutely stunning sideboard she bought it from Whispers in Billinsghurst (Whispers is a tea room & a beautiful gift shop) 

Once the Annie Sloan paint had been bought I started to work. 
It helps to work on a piece that I also love as much as the owner does. With every bit of paint I put onto this piece the more it was coming to life. 

Just look at his little face.
I totally feel this piece of furniture is like marmite you'll either absolutely LOVE IT or it just won't be your cup of tea...


Annie Sloan Chalk paint old ochre
Elastic band trick around the paint pot

This piece of furniture needed quite a bit of repair to it... I have fulfilled the restoration to the best that I can with the pieces left in the drawer unfortunately we can't find all the pieces but it's an old sideboard a full hundred years old + I'm told.

I sanded the top & then will wax to leave it with the wood grains.

His little face already looks happier...

Some of the bits I need to put back on.

I put this whole leg back to its former glory.

Getting there...

Before & after

Sideboard without the little lion heads....

Finsihed sideboard with the little lion heads...

Finished lion head


Cracked back

Glued into place

Putting the lion back on after we found the extra bits...

Elastic band trick around the paint pot...

The elastic band around the paint pot trick.
How neat is this....
Perfect for times when you need to re-add the paint lid & not make a paint dribble mess all the way down the sides...

Elastic Band trick around paint pot.

No elastic band around paint pot... Dribbly mess.

Will you be using the elastic band trick next time? 

Child Safety Week

Are you aware that it's Child Safety Week from 23 - 29 June 2014.

As part of Child Safety Week it’s important to highlight the dangers that a typical family home can impose. Fortunately modern designers are constantly creating fantastic products, pioneering homewares and furnishings that will ensure young children are well protected from avoidable, serious accidents. Here’s a preview of the top designs that prove that simple changes can prevent tragic accidents and injuries.

Car broke down on our Date Night

You know when you start the evening & nothing seems to be going to plan? 
Yep this was us.

Yesterday was quite a nice day with the little people, started with ballet then popped to the local charity shop & the little people got a 50p lucky bag filled with necklaces & pretty things.

We got home & played cars watched peter pan had a lovely day.

I had signed up to the Natwest Cashback I wanted to trade up my points for cinema tickets - this was easier said than done, I found the whole website confusing there was no real instructions. I traded up my money for cineworld points got a code & then nothing? I went to buy our tickets to go see Chef & couldn't check out with the code that was given to me... Now looking into Natwest Cashback further it looks like I'll be sent a booking code? or something within 10days? It wasn't just me confused either Mr.H (He's better at computers than me) couldn't work it out either.

I gave up the whole cinema experience idea & we decided to just go to The Harvester, The children then started crying pulling at my legs saying "Please don't leave us mummy"... urgh... 

Couldn't wait to have some peace with just my husband. 

(We have a lot of cars in the drive) Mr.H is using one of our spare cars at the moment whilst his Audi TT is having the MOT done, Mr.H's spare car was the last one out so instead of bothering the children again we decided to jump in the little MX5 she's 24 years old but a good all rounder fun sports car. (currently for sale) 

Off we went just 20 miles away to one of our closest Harvesters... we detoured to collect my new painting & apple crate for my house (I'll talk about them later) 

anyways driving along & out of no where this red water BLOOD comes splattering ALL OVER the windscreen 
WHAT THE HECK is that?????????
Have we just squashed a Pheasant???
Have we killed someone? 

Not thinking a great deal of it it's an old car perhaps rust i said... after laughing our heads of at the thought of a poor innocent animal hanging on the front of the car for dear life (we live in the country)
(I don't condone killing poor innocent animals...) 

A little strange but we didn't see anymore (BLOOD) (RUST)

We arrived in the car park & had a pleasant dinner LOVE the salad bar at the harvester.

After eating far too much & feeling like i'd eaten a whole cow we walked to find the car. 
Then I asked to pay the bill the lady came over & said "How much would you like to pay?"
I was like ... all of it please? well unless your giving me a discount? 
I presumed not....
She thought it was like our first date... I was so tempted to say no he's my husband & we have two children at home. 

Started the car started reversing & CRUSH! 
What the EFF was that? 
I know we are in a (Chavvy) part of town but really to put a glass behind our back wheel? (THANKS FOR THAT)
We had ran over glass luckily our wheels are OK. 

But was that telling us something? 
That we shouldn't start driving back home? That the Rust was a warning sign? 

Anyways I moved the glass out the way & started going home (We popped into ASDA for milk quickly a fun experience for me...)

10 mins into driving & the bonnet of the car is steaming LOTS.

I look over at the instruments & see the water gage is BOILING.

Mr.H pull over - PULL OVER NOW...
Pulled over & lifted the bonnet steam pouring out the radiator... Uh oh. 

We tried to get as far away from the road as we could standing next to the A road with cars doing 70mph + isn't much fun. 

I so totally think it's KARMA we have driven past people broken down here so many times & Mr.H has always made a snigger or a funny comment... 

Broken down
Now who's broken down???! 
& boy did people LAUGH at us standing by the side of the road. 
It did remind me of the Inbetweeners Bus W*nkers (Google source)
Swap the bus to broken down car W*nkers....

Thank goodness it was sunny & not pouring with rain. 
Converses broke down
It was actually nice to watch the Sunset with Mr.H 

I just wish I had peed at ASDA before breaking down... I so needed the toilet.!! 
I kept doing the wee wee dance... ha it kept me warmer too! 
Sunset picture 

Hey it adds to our memories. 
We've never broken down at the side of the road together. 
I have however broken down on this road before in my first year of driving!!

My Dad came the the rescue - we just needed more water.
I am with the AA but as I phoned Dad he knew what was wrong. 

We got home in the end. 

'Grow up' - Let them be little

Online Source 
Grow Up she said, You'll be fine she said, You'll be a big girl she said, Its the best being an adult she said, It's all lies I say all lies. Childhood is the best years of your life I say.

This term 'oh just grow up will you...' Grinds my bones when I hear it.
How much growing up should your 2 year old be doing? How much growing up should your 5 year old be doing?
Don't they grow up quick enough as it is?
Do we sometimes forget that our little ones are STILL rather little & if they aren't acting like an adult that is not an issue... in fact should we not be encouraging them to act their age.

For instance my rather energetic 2 year old in a well known large supermarket earlier. He was excitedly running to each section of the isles to where I was with Daddy behind him. Not causing any trouble just being perhaps a little bit loud but he was happy.

Why then do I still get the 'tuts' & the snotty looks from other people?

He's HAPPY & he's a CHILD...
Do these people just not like children?

Whilst sitting here watching Peter Pan as you do on a Saturday afternoon after ballet I found myself thinking about how quickly my children are growing up & I wish time would slow down.

I am so guilty when it comes to telling my four year old to 'Grow up' ... the guilt has riddled through me. She's FOUR... she's not mature nor should she be. Yes she is learning right from wrong but she is still so little.

I hands in the air will admit I totally forget little E is still so little I seem to just expect her to be acting like an adult of course. This is so wrong of me...

It's easy to judge someone on the outside & totally ignore your own parenting...

I find myself talking to little H sometimes & him totally not understanding me... It's frustrating but then I take a step backwards & remember just HOW LITTLE HE IS...

I'm sorry if he tantrums or strops in the middle of the street, supermarket, carpark...
I'm sorry if he runs like he's being chased by a tiger...
I'm sorry if he dances like no one is watching...
I'm sorry if he throws food in the restaurant & it lands on your table...
I'm sorry if he fills his nappy & I've got to find the nearing changing room...
I'm sorry if your so small minded & you don't like children...
I'm sorry but my son is ONLY TWO he isn't a grown up nor should he act like one.

I'm Sorry.

Then when they get to being teenagers all we will want is time to rewind... 

Shall we just take a moment & look at your children & just even if its for a second appreciate them at the age they are. 

My two are currently playing with their Little Tikes set beautifully together. This won't last long I know. It's amazing to watch whilst it lasts...

He learnt how to take his boots off - a start of a whole new chapter Talipes...

I have literally just posted about Hugo being half way through treatment & yes we do struggle to get his boots and bar on but he is keeping them on through the night! YAY.

Tonight however it came to my attention after a battle to get his boots on & then the battle to get his bar on.. he then came crawling into my room with both of his boots almost off already!...
I had done them up properly! Wow this could get interesting. 

Talipes boots and bar

Talipes boots and bar

Talipes boots and bar

Tickle your taste buds with a tangy treat from Ribena Plus *Review

Tickle your taste buds with a tangy treat from Ribena Plus

A deliciously different new flavour – Orange and Mandarin – has been added to the popular Ribena Plus No Added Sugar range

What we thought : 

It was a beautifully hot day & a nice cold drink was totally needed the Ribena Plus Orange & Mandarin was perfect just what I needed. 
The taste was amazing & the children were so excited to try it.

Emilyn said "this is YUMMY can I have some more?"
Hugo said "yum yum"

We will definitely be buying again. 

Ribena PLUS orange & mandarin

Ribena Plus
With spring on the horizon, the makers of Ribena are freshening things up with a new flavour from Ribena Plus No Added Sugar: Orange & Mandarin. A citrusy delight that’s packed full of flavour – but with no added sugar - Orange & Mandarin provides a bright and exciting addition to Ribena Plus family.

For over 75 years Ribena has been known for its blackcurrant range, created to give everyone their daily dose of vitamin C – and this new flavour carries on that legacy with a thoroughly modern twist.

With added vitamins A and C for immunity support, Ribena Plus No Added Sugar Orange & Mandarin is good for all the family.  Parents can rest assured their kids are getting some goodness in every sip – while kids enjoy what is simply a tasty treat. Orange & Mandarin is the latest addition to the Ribena Plus No Added Sugar range, a refreshingly tasty selection of juice drinks that will keep your family hydrated and with a top up of the vitamins to help support a healthy and active lifestyle.

With a choice between handy ready-to-drink cartons – perfect for the lunchbox or when out and about - and 850ml squash bottles, the new tangy Orange and Mandarin flavour can be enjoyed any time of day.

The range will be available in all major supermarkets as 850ml squash bottles as well as ready to drink multipack of 10x 200ml cartons. For more information visit

Hugo's first Eye Test 26/06/14

The time has come when Hugo needed his eyes tested. 
A moment that I had been slightly panicked over... not of course that'd I'd mind if he had to wear glasses but I just you know it's another thing to sort out.
We arrived on time & the lady looked briefly at Hugo's eyes & then put eye drops in.

Then it was Emilyn's turn for her eyes to be tested...
Hugo kept laughing at her whilst she had to wear this unique nutty professor eye kit...

She is a bit of a pro at the whole eye test thing now & she was amazing. 
She still needs to wear her glasses but the good news is they are no worse than they were. 
So we are happy! 

Then it was Hugo's turn... I didn't take any photo's as he was on my lap.
He was amazing though & done everything & more correctly I was so proud! He's really growing up.

His eyes are long sighted but he doesn't need glasses at the moment however they'd like to test his eyes regularly. 

SO good news all around I'd say! 

We then had to drive all the way to Horsham - our opticians is in Bognor Regis almost an hour away..
Emilyn disliked all the glasses at the opticians we were at.
Off to Specsavers we go always a pleasure for sure to see Specsavers & I love that we get sun glasses for free too!
Emilyn picked the gruffalo ones

Emilyn in her new glasses

Hugo trying on some sunglasses

I think Hugo was a bit sad that he doesn't need glasses at the moment - I remember when i was small I all I ever wanted was glasses to match my mummy...

We are half way through Treatment Talipes

You've probably been following our Talipes journey if you haven't just click the TALIPES tab at the top of the page.
We have most definitely had our UPS & our DOWNS.
I am now excited to share with you that we are now officially (Fingers crossed) half way through treatment just another 2.5 years to go. I'm totally not wishing time away, not at all...
But having this half way point as it is makes me feel at ease. Like we have reached a target. A huge target & we as a family have come such a roller coaster journey.

Talipes Hugo boots and bar 

I want to reassure new happy feet mammas that although we do have the bad times, really bad times... they DO get better. Hugo is over 2 & a half now & he's able to wear his Boots and bar all night. we've come such a long way from broken sleep up every few hours to now him sleeping.

Ok so actually getting his boots on still is hard. Like at time I could very easily just walk out & I think over & over again "WHY ME, WHY HAS GOD CHOSEN THIS PATH FOR ME?"
It's like the tantrums to brush his teeth & yes at times I give up ok Hugo whatever this tantrum isn't worth the fight tonight... His boots however I can't back down not anymore, then he will throw his body all over the place, Mr.H is always at work at boots time so I have to do it by myself. Bribery has started to work... or I get him to chose his own bar as we have two that works quite well...
It's not easy & don't get me started on potty training with boots and bar.. OH MY GOSH!.

Then I think just what our life would be like if Hugo hadn't been born with Talipes & to be honest 100% honest we would still be in London & we definitely wouldn't of built out flat pack home
I wouldn't of met some of the most amazing inspirational ladies in my life.
I wouldn't of written my books. (They are on offer at the moment)
I wouldn't be blogging!
My life wouldn't be like this.

I in a very strange way am glad we have been picked for this journey. I absolutely love Hugo's happy feet (Oh gosh I'm going to start welling up)

I'm so proud to be his Mummy.

I've come such a long way from THIS I am so glad I have blogged through majority of the journey so far it's amazing to read back on how I was feeling back then to how I am now. I still cry reading it all back though.

We are half way through treatment. Halfway through. We can do this what's 2 & half years anyways...

43 Questions for Emilyn

Here's 43 questions I asked Emilyn after reading it on Hannah's Blog Cupcakemumma about her daughter Midge...

Here's Emilyn aged 4 years 9 months old 

1. If you could live in a house shaped like anything, what shape would it be?
a Triangle

2. What do you think is in outer space?
a Rocket

3. What is your favourite colour?

4. Where is the most wonderful place you've ever been?

5. What are you good at?
Writing & Sharing

6. What's the nicest thing anyone has ever said to you?
I love you

7. What are you most proud of?
my baby brother Hugo

8. If you were invisible for a day, what would you do?

9. What is the worst smell in the world?
Steam train smell - its yucky!

10. What do you want to be when you grow up?
 a Doctor & a Vet

11. What makes you cry?
when people shout at me & hurt me

12. Where do babies come from?
your Tummy

13. What are you scared of?
the dark 

14. If you could, what two animals would you combine?
a giraffe & a pig 

15. Who is your hero?
Alfie my Boyfriend he is always my hero

16. What is your favourite song?
Twinkle Twinkle little star

17. What is a friend?
Its Alfie, Ben & Charlie

18. What is your favourite memory?
Swimming on holiday

19. If you could, what type of animal would you be?
a hamster

20. Who is your best friend?
Alfie - Silly!

21. What is your favourite thing to do with family?
I love to go to the park on my bike & go on aeroplanes on holiday with my family

22. What is the most important rule?
no hurting my friends 

23. If you had a million pounds, what would you spend it on?
 I'd spend all my money on my baby brother Hugo

24. Why do people get old?
Because they die.

25. What is love?
Love Mummy & Daddy & Hugo

26. If you had super powers, what would they be?

27. What's the best thing about being a child?
Being a baby I loved being a baby

28. What makes you happy when you're sad?
My friends 

29. Do you have a favourite number?

30. What is something that you don't understand about grown ups?
I don't like grown ups getting old & dying - like my chickens I miss my dead chickens 

31. What do you think is the most important thing in your house?
Making as much mess as I can...

32. What is your favourite word?

33. If you had your own country, what would it be called?

34. What do you dream about when you sleep?
Monsters & pigs & yogurts 

35. If you were in a band, what instrument would you play?
a Drum

36. What 3 words would you use to describe our family?
Crazy, fun, silly,

37. What's something you'd like to learn how to do?

38. If you had to give away all of your toys but one, which one would you keep?
my Cow 

39. What do you think Heaven is like?
A beautiful place where they look after Chickens & my Granddad 

40. What is something that you're thankful for?
Food & my family

41. What's the hardest thing you've ever had to do?
not falling off my bicycle 

42. Do you think that telling the truth is always right, even if it hurts someone's feelings?
no I don't like to tell the truth 

43. What's the greatest thing about being you?
I'm the best 


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