Build-it with Squash Blocs Review

Here we have Squash Blocs!
Do you remember me telling you all about our new venture working with the fabulous Mulberry Bush toy shop? You can refresh your memory HERE

For the past 3+weeks we have been having lots of fun discovering & exploring different things to build.

Attach soft panels together to make creative structures!

With a four year old & a two year old their imaginations were amazing, 
We've made - a convertible car, a truck, a pig stye, a horse pen, a toy box, a jack in a box, a boat, a castle, a house, a bed, a sofa, a wall... the list is really endless.... 

This started life as a convertible car, however Emilyn (Whose inside) said it started raining so needed the roof up!

Here they are playing piggies in a pig stye - PERFECT 

"Hello Emilyn are you in there?"

Driving his truck. Beep Beep 

Horsey's in the field

What I LOVE -
They are compact for storage.
The children can have unlimited imagination.
They can play with Squash Blocs for hours 
It can be a family activity. 
It is hilarious seeing their imagination being explored.
Great primary colours.
8 panels is enough to start having endless fun with. 
Perfect for a group of children, 
Would work well in a pre-school environment or parties.
We love them. 

Driving her car

Want to buy your own? 

Jack in a box. (Hugo in the box)

Driving the boat

Relaxing on their sofa after a busy day.

Exploring squash blocs for the first time

Making a house...

Hugo in his castle

Emilyn using the gate

Playing houses

Castle is collapsing ! 
Remember to check out Mulberrybush for traditional toys, free delivery if you spend over £75
They have a fab Pocket Money section for toys for as little as £3.50...

*Disclaimer - I was given Squash Blocs for the purpose of this Review all thoughts & opinions are my own.

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