Boots & Bar battle continues Talipes Mr Tiger's turn to wear them.

It's funny when I started blogging in 2012 I asked myself one day "what If I never have any Talipes stuff to blog about." I was so worried that life would be so easy & that I'd never need to do any talipes blogs. How wrong was I?!

Then we hit the Oh no he can now take his own boots off & I felt like we were starting all over again. 

The new thing is now though Hugo is a good talker. 
He pleads me over & over again to "Mummy bar off please mummy bar off please"
It echoes in my head.
It pulls at my heart strings.
I wish I could just make him happy.
I wish I could just take them off.

I go in to try & comfort him to face him holding my hand or my face pleading me to "Please take my bar off Mummy Please"
"Bar off please"
Sobbing his heart out. 
It breaks mine. 

I have to do so much quick thinking... Last night I got out all his before photos to show him just why he must keep his boots on. 

He totally didn't understand.  

Then I thought hey shall Mr Tiger wear his boots and bar too? 

This cheered Hugo up & I told him he had to look after Mr Tiger - to which he agreed.

I wonder what tonight will be like.

And I thought I'd never have anything talipes related to talk about...

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