It's started... "Why Mum... But Why MUM?"

He's 2 years & 6 months old. And it's started... oh it's started.
The "WHY MUM..."
I'm not annoyed about it yet though because he so just so god damn CUTE when he says it.
Video below...

It was two years ago I posted about Emilyn saying "WHY" TWO years ago!....

"Hugo please don't run hold my hand" "WHY MUM?" "because we are crossing a road." "WHY MUM?"

"Hugo please don't touch the chimnea." "WHY MUM?" "Because its hot" "BUT WHY MUM?"

watching the chimnea 
"MUMMY WHERES YOUR CAR?" "over there Hugo" "WHY MUM?" "Because I parked it there..."

"Hugo can you go wash your hands before dinner please?" "WHY MUM?"
"Because you have germs on your hands..."
"Cause you been playing in the mud & with the chickens please wash your hands"

Gets dishwasher tablet out ... "Mummy I eat it?"... "no Hugo its a dishwasher tablet." "WHY MUM? I eat it?" "No put it back" "WHY MUM? ADULTS?" "No its not edible....." Rolls eyes....


"why, why, why, why, why, why, why?"
"Just WHY?"

I've completely run out of answers for him now...Because because I said so.

Has your child started the "WHY" game yet?

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