Maxi-Cosi - which has been a leading innovator in child car seat safety for 30 years - has launched a Car Seat Advisory Tool to help parents select the best and safest car seat for their child.
The easy-to-use tool can be found on the Maxi-Cosi website

Maxi-cosi launches car seat advisory tool
The Car Seat Advisory Tool highlights the fact that the best car seat is the one that suits your child’s current height or weight, fits your car(s) and is easy to install while offering the highest level of safety possible. 
The tool therefore asks the user to enter the height or length of the child, state whether they would prefer ISOFIX or car seat belt installation and car seat type preference (for example, infant carrier with or without base).
The tool then offers a range of options to choose from including belted, IsoFix and I-Size solutions and information about when is the right time to move children to the next stage car seat, along with tailored advice that takes into account compatibility with your car.
Maxi-Cosi Car Seat Safety Expert Neil Oakley said: “It's not just the age of your child that you have to consider when choosing a child car seat.
“You also have to consider their weight and height and which seat provides the most secure fit in your car; whether your baby or child will be taking long or short journeys; and if you will need to transfer your child car seat from one car to another, as well as what’s most convenient for you as a parent.
“My advice would be to keep your child in the rear-facing position for as long as possible when travelling in the car.
“Nowadays, there are many different seats to keep your child rearward facing for longer, whether you need a seat-belt or IsoFix solution, and it’s best to visit a nursery retailer to ensure you are shown how to fit your chosen seat in your car.”
Maxi-Cosi was highly influential in helping develop the new ‘i-Size’ car seat law (ECE R129). Introduced in 2013, i-Size is an EU safety legislation established to increase the safety level of child car seats.
Most notably, i-Size states that babies must travel in rearward facing car seats for at least the first 15 months of their lives, as opposed to the current RR44/04 regulation which  allows children above 9kg (which is about 8-9 months) to be placed in forward-facing position.
i-Size is also designed to make choosing and  fitting a  car seat a much easier process for parents.
Click here to start using the Maxi-Cosi Car Seat Advisory Tool

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