Natural Beauty Tan Tablets

Tan Tablets by Natural Beauty Slimming - real people, real results.
I have been using these tablets for the past 4 weeks with results being noticeable within the first 2 weeks. 
An all over glow rather than just my arms/legs that have been tanned by the sun, 

How Tan Tablets work:

They rely on a number of carotenoids - natural pigmentation 
It's a build-up of the carotenoids in the skin that causes change in your skin colour.
This tan is by no means a 'real' tan & does not offer any protection against UV sun exposure. 
The coloration of the skin is only temporary and this fades once the course of the tablets has stopped. 
Once the tablet is taken the canthaxanthin is distributed through the body & is absorbed were it attaches itself to the subcutaneous layer (fat cells) that is found under the skin. This fat layer is darkened by the pigment & shows through the skin, it will take 1-2 weeks for colour to show.  

I've got a packet of 90 tablets & the directions of use are as follows:

Tablets must be taken after your main meal on a full stomach.
You can use tanning tablets to increase your tan whilst using sun beds.
Always use an SPF when in the sun, The tan tablets can help you tan faster.
Discontinue use and consult doctor if adverse reactions occur. 
Do not use under the age of 18 years .

The Ingredients

- Para-Aminobenzoic acid 200mg
- L-Tyrosine 200mg
- Copper Gluconate 2mg

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