Our annual Pre-School Bocketts Farm trip

Milking the cow.
Since Emilyn started pre-school & she had her first taster of the Bocketts Farm trip three years ago it turned into the highlight of her life. Daily she would ask us "when am I going back to Bocketts farm?"
It's actually a really good day out & perfect if you are a new parent who doesn't know many of the parents, it gives you more chances to talk & get to know people.

Emilyn & Hugo were so excited to go to Bocketts that they sat in the car eagerly awaiting set off  half an hour before we needed to go. Hugo was so excited to see the tractors that was all he was interested as far as he was concerned.

Once we arrived at the pre-school we had a mammoth wait for our coach to arrive (Another massive plus about the school trip) you don't travel by coach everyday do you.

The ride there was fun Emilyn sat next to one of her best friends they proceeded to 'play fight' for the whole 30 minute coach journey. I was next to them. (The joys)
On the way to Bocketts Farm
Hugo was beautifully behaved taking in the whole journey sat next to his daddy who'd taken the day off (first time Daddy had been to Bocketts too)

Once we arrived - YES we are at the FARM time to put our bags in the lunch room & go find some animals. Of course we had to find the Tractor ride first.
On the Tractor ride

Hugo on the digger

Piggy Racing - GO PEPPA PIG

Hugo's favourite tractor last year & this year at Bocketts Farm

two sleepy little people...

At home relaxing after a busy day

Looking forwards to next years trip already!

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