Our Flat Pack Home a year later *Homelodge... Vlog I'll show you round...

Little ones bedroom.

We've lived in our Flat Pack Home over a year now. Can you believe it? I really can't. It's been amazing though. Here's a few pictures & a video of my home. 

Flowers a whole year in our flat pack home
We've had the best year being here. It's amazing to have our very own home but have my parents a stone throw away for emergencies, cups of tea & a babysitter (when I actually end up going out)
There has been no cons to building this house. We live in a beautiful area with woodland around us, fields around us, no neighbours (apart from Mums) We could no way be able to buy this even if we had the money places like this come up so rarely. Felling extremely lucky to be here.

Velux windows are amazing

All I can do is praise Homelodge for making our dream a reality. 

We can move the kitchen island anywhere we wish too. Its fabulous  (Photos from this time last year )

So we braved the winter living here ... we didn't have any snow. However we did have a lot of floods. Mums house was totally flooded & we did have to evacuate over Christmas as both houses were out of power & due to mums flooding we went to a friends house. Our little house was fine apart from the no power. & Whilst Mums house flooded our alarm went off to warn us I presume? 
The house took a complete battering over winter with all the awful storms, With us being so close to the woods we did have a few unsettled nights thinking "Oh my god are we going to have a tree fall on us soon" we had the main scary tree cut right back.

We stayed very warm throughout the winter, We have storage heaters & only ever used one in the lounge. It was perfect. I don't like to be too hot at night time I turn into a human hot water bottle Mr.H says. The cost stayed down. 

Now we are in the Summer! Hurrah Summer. We have oat windows open all day & leave a few open at night & its no way unbearable. Our old townhouse used to get much hotter, we'd have fans all over the house. (we do need to get perhaps one fan) but its not crazy hot.

Bookshelf/ladder homelodge 

Dressing table - Storage in the roof. Homelodge Flat pack home.

Bedroom Flat pack home *Homelodge

Bedroom flat pack home homelodge 

It's not always this tidy - Homelodge Flat Pack home
Just so you know I have VERY normal children who love to get ALL the toys out & make a beautiful mess. 

I hope you enjoy the tour around our home...

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