Starting 'Big' school

Emilyn starts Primary School in September! It seems to be coming round super super fast. My little girl also turns 5 in September! I really can't even begin to comprehend just how I'll feel on that day & she'll only be there till 11:30...
So we've had a few visits to her new school now, It's lovely that she's already attending the Pre-school to the Primary school however they aren't on the same land as each other like you'd expect. (They tried a few years ago but had issues with planning I believe)

Last night we had the parents evening we met most of the parents & all the Teachers, It was lovely but fast feeling very very real.

I got home last night & ordered most of her new uniform. We sat looking at the Marks & Spencer's website & with their 20% off school uniform I thought lets just go for it.

I'm so excited to go collect it. I ordered her such a pretty Pinafore & then had to order her school logo clothes from a special website, she's going to look adorable!

Emilyn seems excited about the transition I'm not sure she totally understands yet, as she keeps having visits with Pre-school too.

Image M&S the pinafore I ordered for Emilyn

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