Sticky9 is nearly 3!‏

Three Happy Pears

On Friday 18th Sticky9 are going to celebrate their 3rd birthday! They've changed a lot in just 3 years & always improving things.

As we all know 3 is the magic number... So this week until the 20th they will have an ongoing competition where every day, three people will each win a large set of magnets. What do they want? They wants snaps of things related to '3'. It could be 3 favourite things, cool photography of the number 3 or a camel with 3 humps. Or your child wearing three things.. Three headbands/three necklaces... Get three-ative.
Three glasses
Three Headbands

But this is just a small part of what's happening... On the 21st July their daily winners will have the chance to win the SUPER-AWESOME final prize. The mega-winner will be able to get his/her hands on a fantastic QCamera, which allows snaps to be shared directly to his/her social media channels. This is super exclusive since this camera is not yet available to order. (HOW AMAZING)

Besides the QCamera, the winner will get a copy of the book "This is Happening: Life Through the Lens of Instagram". And since it's our 3rd birthday, there's a third prize. But that one they can't really reveal right now, though our celebratory birthday video might give you a clue...

Go get creative with three snap happy things & take some photo's - you can find my Instagram HERE
I've been #Sticky9birthday & #happybirthdaysticky9 - you can find sticky9's Instagram HERE

Three glasses

Three little fishes 

Three pairs of converses 

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