The Duronic Hoover VC600 Review

Duronic VC600 Review

I bought this little hoover a few months ago. We only ave one carpeted room 
in our house (children's room) So I didn't want to spend lots of money -
 especially as my dyson is only at my mums house...
When I was looking online for a cheap but good hoover this one kept
 popping up. & at full wack price
of just £39.99 & on SALE for 
just £15.99 it seemed a bargain.
& perfect for the job I needed to 
use it for. 

The Duronic VC600 is a lightweight bag-less
 upright 600W vacuum cleaner, finished in
 red and black or a full white one, with a low price tag.

Reasons why I love the Duronic VC600
My review: The Duronic VC600 is a bag less
 upright vacuum cleaner. The VC600 is a 600w
 Mains corded hoover. It weighs just 4kg, 
measures 112cm by 24cm by 10cm,
 features 1 power settings and includes a 
Floor Head and a versatile crevice tool.

After a cheap and lightweight vacuum cleaner?  
This model can be used as both a handheld as well as upright, 
and it performed admirably during both, with no noticeable loss
 of suction or decrease in performance.  
Emptying the dust canister after use was easy and hassle free, 
and the cord can be secured and tidied using the cord management facility.
Overall I loved the VC600 - it reached into tight corners, and 
removed all of the visible dust and dirt that we tested it on.  
It feels well built, and at this price you simply can't complain - 
it offers truly excellent value.  

Duronic VC600 Vacuum Cleaner Pros and Cons

Pros: Lightweight, easy to manoeuvre, decent suction,
 offers very good value. Perfect for the car cleaning days or small rooms.
Cons: If you have a large house, I wouldn't bother.

Our Verdict for the Duronic VC600 Vacuum Cleaner

The VC600 from Duronic offers amazing value, works incredibly well,
 and takes up very little storage space.  
If you're after a small, lightweight and cheap vacuum cleaner, 
then I'd highly recommend the Duronic VC600.
You can buy the Duronic VC600 here, priced at just £15.99

Duronic VC600 Hoover Features

  • Duronic VC600 Bagless Upright Handheld Stick Vac Vacuum Cleaner specification is as follows
  • 600w motor fitted - powerful yet lightweight for easy cleaning.
  • Can be operated as a handheld or an upright cleaner, with no noticeable loss of suction.
  • High performance washable cloth filtration system
  • Cable management ensures tidy cables after use, with no loose loops to trip on.
  • Lightweight construction for ease of use and storage
  • Removable transparent dust canister for easy maintenance
  • Convertible system for greater flexibility.
  • Made by Duronic
  • Cost effective yet functional hoover
  • Brilliant for stairs and hard to reach areas
  • Quiet when in use when compared to competing models.
  • Very good suction when in use
  • Ideal for caravans and cars
  • The floor brush and narrow crevice tool attach simply and easily, with no fuss.
  • Very easy to empty with no mess or dust flying everywhere.

*Disclaimer - I was not given this hoover I bought this hoover & enjoyed using it so much I thought I'd share it with you...

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