£5 Entry to Diggerland for up to 4 People this Saturday & Sunday Only!

A slightly HAPPIER post now.. LOOK what I just came across 

£5 Entry to Diggerland for up to 4 People this Saturday & Sunday Only!
Since the most expensive ticket is normally £16.99 (90 cms to age 65) this is an amazing opportunity for a chance to visit Diggerland for just £5 each.
You do have to print off the voucher below and up to 4 of you can use it for £5 entry per person but it's valid for this weekend only (Saturday the 9th of August and Sunday the 10th of August)
So what and where is Diggerland?
There are four locations and those are YorkshireKentDurham and Devon. It's billed as the "Ultimate Adventure Park Experience" and does indeed look a whole lot of fun. While each location has some of the the rides that you'd expect from a theme park, what makes Diggerland unique is that children and adults have the chance to ride and drive real full size construction machinery with no driving licences required. I imagine this would be a real treat for any "Bob the Builder" fans but certainly not exclusive.
There are various terms and conditions on these £5 tickets. Basically as I mentioned above, they're only valid this weekend and it's a maximum of four per group. You can't use these with any other special offer or normal entry prices, for example, carers would normally go free but with this one they have to pay the £5. Still if an adult ticket is £16.99, it's doesn't take a genius to work out there's still big savings to be made.
Make sure you check the links above and especially the height restrictions for the attractions. There's nothing worse than a child getting hyped up for a day out and realising when you get to your destination that they're too short to enjoy it properly.
Under 90cm is FREE but there isn't a whole lot for the little ones apparently (I've never been)... crazy as I have a digger crazy toddler myself.

I may see you this weekend..
£5 Entry to Diggerland for up to 4 People this Saturday & Sunday Only

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