Baby Shopping in Guildford my best bits Polarn o pyret & Koto changing bag

No, I'm no expecting! One of my best friends however is just over the half way mark.
Today we took on the task to get some of the baby bits she needed. As well as getting side tracked with some fabulous SALES...
If you know Guildford in Surrey unfortunately there doesn't seem to be many 'baby shops' When we do find baby shops they are rather small & lacking the stock we wanted to see....
But we adapted well & i'm quite good at finding where we needed to go down the little lanes.
Polarn o pyret For E & H
The main thing we needed to find was a changing bag...not a hard task I know I know; however after visiting Debenhams... Baker Baby by Ted Baker I've always loved - H had lots of Baker baby stuff & they also had a SALE on & after picking up a few beautiful bibs & a sleep bag for just £10 we were happy!... House of Fraser... Polarn o pyret  stopped me in my tracks with their SALE I had to have a snoop... I managed to get two t-shirts & a baby vest covered in Ice Creams *Adorable over load*
Polarn o pyret
Baker Baby by Ted Baker

& Mothercare we seemed to be losing hope... although found the cutest Muslins

Until we went to Jojo Maman Bebe Hurrah for Jojo! The first bag we saw we both loved.
The Koto changing bag with the colour choice or red or brown... for just £40 It was beautiful!!
The Koto Changing Bag £40!

A successful day & a lovely girly day out! 
Albeit a little stressful with my two monkeys .... 

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