Emilyn's Speech therapy day - 6 August 2014

Today was Emilyn's speech review to see how she is getting on, on our last visit to speech she was playing up; to say it nicely 
today though I spoke to her before we left the house & she promised she would be on best behaviour. 
I can't even really imagine how frustrating it must be for her. 
No one wants to be told "your doing it all wrong... try again... nope still wrong." 
Ok our speech therapist isn't as blunt as that but you get the picture. 
I totally understand why last time she just gave up she had 5 sessions weekly before the last one & she saw no point in trying...

Today was her review. Her review to see just how well she has been getting on. Our last visit was way back in April seems like only yesterday though. Emilyn has now finished pre-school & she will be starting Primary school in a matter of weeks. 
Annoyingly her speech hasn't improved. All the words in the letter box game she got wrong last time she is still getting wrong now. She was however on best behaviour.

We won't go back to speech therapy until November time; they want her to settle into Primary school first. 

We have a few bits of 'homework' to do this involves taking her round the house & just repeating what things are. 

The main things she struggles with are S, D, F & talking wayyy too fast. 

We are hoping she just 'clicks' one day & she can talk properly. 

I just hope she copes ok at her new primary school I know first hand children can be mean... 
Hopefully I'm worrying about nothing. 
I'm sure she will be fine. 

Nanna had Hugo for us so Emilyn wanted to buy her some thank you flowers.

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