Fit in your car Thursday! Bugaboo Buffalo and the VW Beetle

A new weekly link up that will be on my blog - Fit in your car Thursday.
Pretty much what it says on the tin. I will bring you each week a car, with that car I will show you what I can fit in to it.
Will a Bugaboo Buffalo fit? Will my Cybex Pallas car seat fit? Is the seat belt long enough? Is the boot big enough?
As we own over 30 cars (I kid you not) I thought It'd be a good way to show you if you really need to sell your beloved Beetle when you have your first baby or not...

The first week I will show you the mark two VW Beetle. You CAN fit your Bugaboo Buffalo in the boot. You can fit your Quinny Yezz in the boot!

What Car : Volkswagen Beetle mark 2

What Buggy : Bugaboo Buffalo (back wheels removed) & Quinny Yezz

What car seats : Cybex Pallas & Kiddy Guardian Pro 2

It Fits. 

Both carseats fit perfectly (Some seat belts don't fit!)

You can fit two large car seats in the back (we drove all the way home from Norfolk yesterday 6 hours with traffic) With my 2 year old & 4 year old. 

Hugo looking happy. VW Beetle

Quinny Yezz in the boot of the VW beetle

I did need to remove the back wheels but it fits. Bugaboo Buffalo.
Quinny Yezz VW Beetle

Next week I'll show you what you can fit into a Toyota YARIS - do you think the Buffalo will fit??
If you want to link up your own fit in your car Thursday go ahead I'd love to see what you can fit into your car... 

Fit in your car Thursday

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