Fit in your car Thursday! Bugaboo Buffalo and the Ford Fiesta #FIYCT

Fit in your car Thursday.
Yes it's that time of the week again. The weeks fly by! 
Will a Bugaboo Buffalo fit? Will my Cybex Pallas car seat fit? Is the seat belt long enough? Is the boot big enough?
If you want to see if one of my buggies will fit in any particular car give me an email to ask at

This week i'm using my normal every day car (Yes it's small) its a squash to fit all of us in but I love my little red car. New car next week (it's bigger)

What Car : Ford Fiesta 

What Buggy : Bugaboo Buffalo (back wheels removed) & Quinny Yezz

What car seats : Cybex Pallas & Kiddy Guardian Pro 2

I have managed to fit two buggies in my boot as well as all the other bits I found in my car... Ford Fiesta

Both children's seats fit perfectly.

Bugaboo Buffalo & quinny Yezz in the boot (The buffalo had to have one back wheel removed.)

Then just the Bugaboo Buffalo in the ford fiesta boot. 
I am truly amazed at just how big the bugaboo buffalo is yet it can happily squeeze into all these little cars.
Next week I'll show you what you can fit into a Audi TT - I think you might be in for a shock.....

If you want to link up your own fit in your car Thursday go ahead I'd love to see what you can fit into your car... 

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