Freeze your small's toys for a refreshing playtime

Ice toys activity 

Yesterday we had been having our own Ice age adventure with digging out dinosaurs,
It's so simple yet super fun & kept my smalls amused for hours.

Freezing their favourite toys & then having to 'dig' them out.

The cars & dinosaurs ready to be frozen
Frozen & ready to start the digging.
Frozen toys
Hugo & I 

We covered the Ice in salt & watched it eat away at the ice.

Emilyn busy 

Emilyn loved trying to dig the dinosaurs out

Truck covered in Ice & salt.

Simple yet effective activity with your little ones

Hugo playing with the Ice cream truck covered ironically in Ice

You do need to be that little bit prepared for this activity & freeze said toys over night, It's also fun if you don't tell your children what your doing & surprise them with "look what i have for you to explore today..."
I loved doing this & the littles were mesmerised.

Getting there the truck is almost out

Hugo just needed to dig that last bit of ice off.

Poor dinosaur ...

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