He can TAKE his boots and bar OFF!!

We've hit a new challenge, Yep yep. I came in to say good night to Hugo the other night to be greeted by him saying "Mumma look look boots off Mumma bar off Mumma" I looked at his little feet wriggling away bar free. Then spotted his boots and bar strewn to the side of his almost off the bed, balancing perfectly. His way to say 'go away boots and bar, I will defeat you'
The smile & cheekiness on his face how proud he looked. 
I didn't shout & didn't despair I just gave him a kiss & said goodnight. 
He must of taken them off so quickly, I hadn't been out the room more than a few minutes... 

Boots and bar off
I have been managing to get him to wear his boots and bar in the day for his lunch time nap, It's working for us at the moment every hour helps.

Roll on his new ADM's

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