Jazzing up his boots and bar Rainbow Boots!

Jazzing up his boots. Talipes
As you are probably aware my boy doesn't get on well with his boots and bar. in fact he kind of hates them. Thus making my life hell. He doesn't sleep. He begs me to take them off. Last night I was at my whits end "WHAT CAN I DO TO HELP HIM.."
The guilt that rides with me when I do give in & remove his boots and bar is ridiculous but hey I need sleep. No one can survive on a couple of hours sleep a night...
Then came the jumbo markers .
I decided to do a very simple yet effecting thing. I decided to colour in his boots. 
They are now called his Rainbow boots ! 

Yep he still screamed all night he hates his bar. 
However actually getting his boots on was a rare joy & he was very excited about his pretty boots. 
I know you can buy Pink & Blue boots but how about something that little bit cooler??

Hugo last night not screaming yet

Hugo last night not screaming yet
Cuddles before bed.

Rainbow Boots and bar

We have his foot appointment next week so will see if they can help us in any way... 
We are half way. i just need to keep telling myself. Half way point just 2 years & 6 months to go.

Does your little one not tolerate their boots and bar? Have you got any advice? 

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