Monsters Online competition with Mattress Online

MattressOnline has created this competition for your kids, if they are aged 10 or under and would like to enter, to design the best monster drawing, picture, painting, model, or anything, from their imagination to win some great prizes! 
Here are Emilyn's & Hugo's Monsters.
My children love watching Monsters Inc.

Emilyn says "these are happy, angry monsters you have to be a good girl or boy or they might try to nip & eat you, but don't worry because these monsters live far far far away in space & only come to visit sometimes on their Space ship but not very often because they are scared of heights & don't like eating Cheese. But the moon is made from cheese so they don't visit there very often either. 
My monsters are quite um scary but not as scary as Hugo's monster. 
The red & purple monster is called Rosy & the orange monster is called Dash.
Rosy is slow like a slug but has teeny tiny feet she shuffles along the road. She is allergic to grass also. 
Dash is quick & runs fast she has lots of hands to tickle you. 
She loves eating slugs so it's good that Rosy isn't a slug. 
Dash can jump really really high like she's on a pogo stick but it's just her legs."

Emilyn's Monsters age 4

Hugo's Monster is called Saw he is quite a happy monster but roars A LOT. He can't talk but can roar all the time. He lives with all of his family they all look like him. 
Saw is Happy & helps tidy Hugo's toys away at the end of each day. he is a noisy monster but doesn't like MESS.
This is Hugo pretending to be 'Saw' his Monster.

Hugo's Monster age 2

The Competition is open from 16th August, and closes at midnight on Sunday 16th September 2014. The competition winners will receive either £100, £50 or £25 worth of monster goodies and reading prizes, to be chosen by the winners in a wish list! (Subject to availability). 
So if your kids love drawing and being creative as much as mine do, go on get your children involved & take part!

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