Outdoor Game Day

We've been busy hosting our outdoor game day. We were invited to take part in the campaign called 'Outdoor game day' with Two Little Fleas.
With this we were sent three different outdoor toys to get our children outside & spend that much needed quality time with them. 

E with the outdoor games:

There was a time before technology such as smartphones, video games & laptops were introduced when parents & children use to spend much more quality time together. 
I am guilty of this - being hard as I run my business from the laptop. 
Of course I loved the idea of the Outdoor game day & would love you to hold one yourself perhaps you could even document & share it over on your blog too?
We all think hosting an outdoor game day will allow parents to spend the much needed quality time with their children & bring families closer together, it's cheap to do & encourages children to play outside, most importantly its FUN. 

We held our family outdoor game day last weekend luckily before the heavens opened - did you see that thunder storm?

I made little toadstools, cakes & got my candy cart out for sweetie energy (Of course)

We created our own shade with putting a parasol on the floor whilst the children napped.

Although I love the relaxed garden canopy I've got to make this next time I host our outdoor game day.

 We chose 
The sports day kit
The connect four 
& the large Jenga.

Ready, Steady, GO! The sun's out and the children are on the summer holidays, perfect time to throw our outdoor family game day.

Ok first things first, we had to pick our favourite place, Luckily we have a good sized back garden although I do plan to take the games down to our local playing field when we next meet up for a picnic in the park.

Egg & spoon race

If you want to do your own games at home without spending much money you can use : 
  • For an egg & spoon race... pack an egg and a tablespoon for every competitor (you might want to pack some extra eggs if you're planning more than one round!) 
  • For a sack race...pack old Hessian sacks if you have them (try asking your local greengrocer or farm shop if not). For smaller competitors old pillowcases work just as well. 
  • For a three-legged race... pack some mid-length pieces or rope, string, ribbon – anything you have to hand. 
  • For a beanbag throw... pack beanbags and hoola hoops. See how many beanbags each competitor can get into the hoops. 

Sack race
The connect four was really simple to put together and we seem to have rather competitive children. 
It was fabulous to watch & hear them laughing 

Connect four

Connect four

On your marks, get set, GO... Sack race. E & H loved the sack race and at just 2 years old & four years old I think they done a smashing job.

Egg & Spoon race was a Success... of laughter !! 

Bean bags on head race... H cheated. A lot. Cheeky Monkey.

Here's a few video's of them doing the sack race...

Even after we had finished hosting or Outdoor Game day the children love getting the toys out. 
This was early morning playing Jenga.

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  1. Such a cute post! I am so happy you had so much fun with your kids! I have actually started playing some Jenga Giant with my children, and we are having so, so much fun. It’s such an exciting and great game!



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