Positive physio appointment new ADM on order

He walked today from the car to the hospital (first time I think)
If you've been following our Talipes journey you'll totally understand and perhaps even sympathise with me when I say we don't seem to be having the easiest of time with the boots and bar.
Thank goodness our physio's are understanding (who knew I could actually talk to them?!) ha I took long enough keeping all our troubles inside or outside speaking out on here. Never actually talking directly to our Physio. How wrong was I. It's made a huge difference. So much so; that we now have the new ADM's on order. Those of you that have no idea what I'm talking about.. bizarrely I had no idea what the ADM was either until this morning... I had heard about the AFO's but never the ADM, they are from C pro direct.
Link here with a  retail of over £400. I feel extremely lucky that our hospital are giving Hugo a pair. We will let him wear them for 6 months & track every single movement with his feet. As they are a new product there isn't any hard evidence that they are as good as boots and bar.
But seeing as I seem to be getting Hugo to wear his boots and bar for maximum 6 hours a day (instead of the 12 hours) the ADM's seem the best option for us at the present.

Hopefully in a few weeks we will be going back to hospital  to collect his new ADM's & I have everything crossed that life might get a little bit easier.

With Hugo's feet everything is fab, He's hyper mobile in his legs more than his feet so that's why he keeps falling over, basically tripping himself up. 
Hopefully the new ADM's will work wonders for him. 


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