Shopping for school shoes with Clarks

I think the shopping for school shoes must be the most exciting part for the whole of buying school uniform. Emilyn of course must follow after me for my love of shoes. She was so excited. 
Shoe shopping
We decided to book online for our shoe appointment, it saved so much time, It worked perfectly we arrived 10 minutes early so E could have a look at all the school shoes.

Looking at all the shoes
She picked a few of her favourites, but unfortunately non were in stock. She was a little heartbroken but the lady was great & got 4 pairs of shoes that was Emilyn's size. She was a 10.5 D very thin feet!
Measuring her feet 
Having her feet measured.
Times have changed a bit since I was little - having an IPAD to help size feet.
She picked a beautiful black patent pair & they fitted perfectly.

Clarks black patent shoes Emilyn's new Shoes.

* Disclaimer - this blog post was not endorsed by Clarks at all, I was super impressed with the clarks booking appointment, 

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