Tigercub Hideout House Blogger Competition #TigercubHideout

I'm entering Emilyn into this cute small blogger competition and I’m hoping it’s one you’d like to enter too. The prize is a kids’ wooden playhouse, which they’ll deliver free to the winner. I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s a fantastic summer competition and I bet your children would love to win their own playhouse– read all about the product:HERE

Tigercub Hideout House Blogger Comp - Emilyn age 4 
Here is Emilyn's dream house - It's a house for Superhero's of course. 
In her words "This is my super hero house, it has 5 floors because I am almost 5 years old. It turns into a Submarine as well so they can go under the sea to help protect the world with their super powers. It also has a Helicopter landing pad on the third floor. 
Ground Floor
A swimming pool inside with lots of inflatable for the super heroes to relax after a hard day saving the world. The swimming pool is on the ground floor. 
There isn't any stairs in the big house/boat just slides for the superhero's to fly up or slide down to each floor. 
First Floor
On the first floor is the kitchen with unlimited supply of food, the super heroes need lots of sweets to keep their energy up as well as a ball pit for them to dive into. 
Second Floor
on the second floor they have pods to go to sleep in & a giant mattress. With a cinema screen in. With a popcorn machine in the walls so they can eat it when they like. 
Third Floor 
Third floor - is the helicopter landing pad & the gym for the super heroes to get fit so they don't get fat like father christmas. 
Fourth Floor
The fourth floor is the bouncy room with trampolines on the ceiling, walls & floor. 
Fifth Floor
The roof has their super hero flag.
When it turns into s submarine all the windows close and we can travel round the world." 

Before she added all her extra super heroes .

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