3 Rainy Day Activities for Kids

The summer is well and truly over… Welcome in the not so welcome rain! So what on earth can you do inside with the kids when it rains, that you haven’t tried already? 

We’re sure you’ve heard “But Mum, I want to go outside and play!” more than once on a rainy day, especially from any kids crazy about playing football or riding their bike. The simplest option is to stick on a film or hand them an iPad game to keep them quiet; but come on, there’s more creative fun to be had than that! Here are 3 of our favourite rainy day activities to get you started – and you can also check out these activities for kids to further ignite your imagination. 

Build a rainforest fort 
Not just your average fort – a rainforest-themed fort! Start this activity by getting your little ones to make their own leaves. 

  • Draw a leaf template on some white paper and make multiple copies.  
  • Hole punch each leaf at the top so they can be threaded onto pieces of string and hung up inside your rainforest once decorated. 
  • Cut the leaves out for your kids to decorate. Funky patterns welcome! You could also use green paper as a short cut. 

To build your fort use any resources you can find – the more inventive the better! A traditional fort comprises of some blankets or sheets draped over the dining room table or chairsFor the most jungle-like rainforest, use a green sheet or blanket. Finally, pin up the strings of hanging leaves inside the fort and around the entrance. 

Once you have completed your rainforest fort, there’s lots of fun to be had inside –just don’t forget to have a torch on hand! 
  • Read animal books like the ones on this list. 
  • Eat animal shaped biscuits. 
  • Watch a jungle themed film! The kids may like Madagascar, The Jungle Book or Tarzan. 
  • Transform your kids into the animals of the rainforest with face paint. 

Life size drawings 
Drawing on regular size paper can’t compare to the fun of creating life size characters on giant paper, and is sure to keep your little ones occupied on a rainy day! 

  • Tape together large sheets of paper or use a long roll of paper bought from your local craft shop or stationary store.   
  • Get your child to lie down on the paper whilst you draw around their outline.  
  • Then together you can decorate the figure using paint, colouring pencils, scraps of fabric and other craft materials you have at home. 
  • Let them decide if they want to draw themself and replicate what they’re wearing or create something from their imagination. For example, they could make their favourite TV character or a scary monster. 
  • You could also turn this activity into a fun science lesson. Teach them about the human body by getting them to label and draw on parts of the body and organs. 

Obstacle course 
We all know kids love to run around, which isn’t ideal when the rain keeps them indoors. Building an obstacle course gives them a fun way to run around inside in a safe environment and develop their motor skills and coordination. 

Create an exciting obstacle course using items in your home – of course, specific items can also be bought and stored away for spontaneous rainy day obstacle courses 

Great items to include are: 
  • Cushions or a beanbag to jump over. 
  • Chairs to wind in between. 
  • Hula-hoops on the floor to jump in and out of. 
  • The dining table with a blanket draped over it as a tunnel. 

Make sure lots of action is involved in the obstacle course including such tasks as: 

  • 5 star jumps on the spot. 
  • A dress up box to put on as many clothes as they can in 1 minute. 
  • Hopping, jumping or skipping to the next obstacle. 
  • Carrying a basket and collecting items as they go around the course. 

For more obstacle course ideas check out these boards on Pinterest.

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