Emilyn was FIVE yesterday !

Yesterday we celebrated Emilyn's birthday!! She was five.... I can barely believe it. 
She woke up at 5am on 24th September saying "Mummy Mummy I'm 5 now I'm 5... My legs have got longer Mummy"... HOW CUTE!!!! 
It only feels a few weeks ago we celebrated Emilyn turning four.
We celebrated her birthday at fishers farm a few weeks ago with her friends.

Last night as a four year old....
A photo of Emilyn sleeping each night before her birthday the following day (Yes she still has her security blanket)
All ready for the morning

She's awake & ready to open her presents ....

She got Elsa!! ELSA!! 

The best book ever!!
Opening a Barbie!!

Emilyn's Birthday

Last years birthday card.... 
This years birthday card

New shoes

opening lots of cards

Unicorn card 

her main present a cd/ipod player....

Her new iPod

You can't be five without new slippers!!

A watch from Hugo

Best photo ever?!?! sibling love (Emilyn thanking Hugo for her watch)

Lovely watch

'Frozen' has been a huge hit this birthday 

LUCY the dog !

On the way to school - she was allowed to wear her birthday outfit to school.

After school I took her to Fishers Farm as she said "I went to fishers for my party so i must go back on my birthday!" smart thinking!! 
We had a lovely time & one of her aunties joined us, It was great.

Go karting time!!

Birthday Cake time!!
Emilyn's second Birthday cake. Cheeky!

Princess Anna with her cake.


Singing - Yes Hugo is dressed as Elsa from Frozen

Blowing candles out

YAY Hugo's clapping

Making her wish "I wish I was six now...." 

Here's to another fabulous year ! 

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