Emilyn's 5th Birthday party at Fishers Farm Park

On Friday we celebrated Emilyn's 5th birthday in style at Fishers Farm Park, we held her party a little early as her actual Birthday isn't until the 24th September.
As they've just started Primary school currently still attending just half days, it worked out perfectly to hold it on a half day & on a friday.
To say Emilyn was excited is an understatement. 
Fishers Farm party was a stress free do. 

We got there to a room already fully decorated. All we needed to do was bring her 'Princess Frozen' birthday cake & party bags (But they can do pre filled party bags to order)

Then await her friends to a arrive! 
So she can start her PARTY! 

We started with playing in the soft play area, until the children all looked a bit too hot to continue, so we then took them outside to cool down. 
Though it was still quite hot.
Then back inside for Dinner 
Hot & cold food a really good mixture. Then birthday cake.
Then they played back inside till the party was finished. 
Emilyn had the best time. 

Please note - Photo overload!! 

They had a good time playing outside basically just us too as it was almost farm closing time. 
They loved it! 

Emilyn loved the inside play area with the drop slide.

go karting

Birthday cake time!! 

The party was a success. I'd recommend a fishers farm party to anyone. 
I think Hugo will be having his there too. 

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