Fit in your car Thursday! Bugaboo and the Audi TT #FIYCT

Fit in your car Thursday.!!
Yes it's that time of the week again. The weeks fly by! 
I must apologise I'm totally slacking this week... Our Audi TT is having work done on it so I couldn't get into the boot to try fitting the other buggies in *However I will update you, I know the Bugaboo Gecko & the Bugaboo Bee Plus fits!
Will a Bugaboo Buffalo fit? ... Will my Cybex Pallas car seat fit? Is the seat belt long enough? Is the boot big enough?
If you want to see if one of my buggies will fit in any particular car give me an email to ask at

This week i'm using my Husbands normal every day car (yes it's small) its a squash to fit all of us in but we fit & it's a fun car. Family sports car. 

What Car : Audi TT 

What Buggy : Bugaboo Bee Plus, Bugaboo Buffalo (Huge buggy) & the iBelieve Buggy similar size to the Bugaboo Cameleon.

What car seats : Maxi-Cosi Pearl with family isofix base & Kiddy Guardian Pro 2

The Bugaboo bee plus fits * Also the Bugaboo gecko fits too. Audi TT
The bugaboo buffalo FITS in the Audi TT 

The iBelieve fits perfectly
The Bugaboo Buffalo fits in the Audi TT boot video 

Bugaboo Buffalo base fits in the Audi TT 

Audi TT fit in your car Thursday

The iBelieve fits in the Audi TT video 

Who said you need to have a fully practical car?? My two (More Hugo) loves having a 'fast car' as he calls it.

Sleepy children

The new maxi cosi pearl nappa leather

The Audi TT has isofix in both back seats PERFECT for our Maxi Cosi car seat. The Kiddy carseats fits at a squeeze. I did also get a cheap booster as it was easier to fit the seatbelt round my five year old.

We can all fit!! 

I will be sure to try get my other few buggies in the Audi TT this week I promise to update you when I do.
*Updated* amazed that the Bugaboo Buffalo fits in the boot. Amazing!  
Next week I'll be showing you the Ford Focus.... 
If you want to link up your own fit in your car Thursday go ahead I'd love to see what you can fit into your car... 

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