Gruffalo trail in Alice Holt Forest

Yesterday we went to find The Gruffalo! 
The Gruffalo trail is at the Alice Holt Forest celebrating 15 years of The Gruffalo!!
The weather was amazing yesterday so perfect for a walk in the woods. 

The trail starts here. Gruffalo here we come !

On the way round you have to find all the animals that go with The Gruffalo.

We found the snake.

Hugo has been hit with a nasty chesty cough...

Signs all the way around to show the way to go... Gruffalo trail.

The Forest is full of fun for the children.

Hiding behind trees

Finding pine cones

we found lots & lots

They put them all in my buggy.

Emilyn wanted to take a picture of us Mr.H & I.

We found the owl in the tree...

Hugo wanted to sit in the tree with the owl

so did Emilyn....

Gruffalo trail.

We found dens too!

Almost found the Gruffalo!!

We found a cut out of the Gruffalo!


Emilyn found him! 

Emilyn found the gruffalo

They found The Gruffalo together!! 

They found The Gruffalo together!! 

They found The Gruffalo together!! 

Now time to walk all the way back...

Emilyn got tired :)

Then Hugo got tired too

When is the event?

Monday 15 September 2014

What time is it on?

You can do the trail at anytime but the Cafe is open 9am - 5pm to pick up a £2 Gruffalo activity leaflet for more activities

Who is this for?

All ages

How much?

FREE - there is also a £2 Gruffalo activity leaflet available from the Cafe for more activities

Where to meet?

The trail follows our Easy Access Trail (marked with red footprints) that starts at the back of the first Car Park (Beech Car Park).

Do I need to book?

No pre-booking required

Dogs Allowed:


Event dates

Monday 15 September 2014
Tuesday 16 September 2014
Wednesday 17 September 2014
Thursday 18 September 2014
Friday 19 September 2014
Saturday 20 September 2014
Sunday 21 September 2014
Monday 22 September 2014
Tuesday 23 September 2014
Wednesday 24 September 2014
Thursday 25 September 2014
Friday 26 September 2014
Saturday 27 September 2014
Sunday 28 September 2014
Monday 29 September 2014
Tuesday 30 September 2014

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