My nights with a Talipes Toddler - I kid you not. Video linked*

My Wear your boots Ted book has helped in the day

How is this healthy? For Hugo & I. Let alone Emilyn & Mr.H. 
Hugo will not calm down whilst he is wearing his boots and bar. He will scream & scream & scream all night. 

I put together the below video this is a 2 minute snippet into my life. Just a tiny snippet. 
*Warning* It may be hard to watch. 
This is my life. 

At some point of the night I do give in: I take his boots and bar off. 
Yes i feel horrendously guilty. However I also feel horrendously guilty hearing him pleading me like this. 
Then last night I removed his boots and bar around 2am, to then be woken by him at 3am having a bad dream screaming for me to take his boots and bar off. 
I have managed recently to be able to get him to wear his boots and bar in the day although not ideal. It can work.
He cries at me saying his feet hurt, his knees hurt, He is hyper mobile in his knees & legs, hips. 
he hates having hot feet, he hates wearing socks, he hates wearing shoes....
I can't quite see me or him being able to cope like this for much longer....

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