She wants to go back to Pre-School

As if life is just that simple. She has decided Primary School just isn't for her.

She didn't want to get out of bed this morning
Nor did she want breakfast
Or to get dressed.
Let alone brush her teeth
Have her hair done, wear her glasses.
Then she 'hurt' her leg to the point that she couldn't walk on it.

She didn't want to go to school.
It's heartbreaking to hear.

As I've been her sole carer for the past 5 years her going to Primary School is actually a pretty big deal to me too.

We had tears all the way to school. She refused to get out of the car. I gave her a cuddle & carried her all the way to school, I got her to tell me what was wrong.
The reason she wants to go back to Pre-school is because they don't stay for lunch. She enjoys the lunch provided at school for her however she dislikes having to put her hand up once she's finished.
Then after lunch all the children get to play in the playground together (the whole school) yes daunting for a teeny tiny newbie. The reception class can stay in the little playground. However I feel E's friends probably want to play in the big playground so I totally understand her predicament.

I agreed to talk to her teacher about E's concerns, when I did I was then told yes E had been rather distressed every lunch time for the past few days. Heartbroken that my baby, my first baby has been crying at school wanting me, anxiety must of caught up with her.

Today I'm sat here typing away knowing that in the next few minutes E will be confronted with the big playground. I can't want for home time to come so I can collect her & hear about her day.

I never thought Primary school would be so hard on both of us, I thought she was doing so well.
To of found out this morning how unhappy she's been & she hadn't told me, she had put on a big brave face to try keep me from worrying makes me even sadder for her.

I'm sure she will be ok soon. I hope so anyway...

They've been exhausted 

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